Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Letting Dr Cabbott into the penthouse, Adam’s overly eager to see some progress today. The doctor wants to treat Chelsea alone for this session – to see how things go without her being observed; especially by someone she wants to please.

Amanda’s been served a restraining order to stay away from Naya and her ‘powerful and connected’ family. Getting a text from Billy, she declines Devon’s offer of a drink and needing work as a distraction, marches out of TGP.

Chance comes home with a grocery bag full of ice cream to cheer Abby up. Not necessary, one negative pregnancy test isn’t a big deal. She’s going to her doctor to have herself checked out. Loving her optimism, Chance is seeing his doctor in a few days.

Nikki finds a frazzled Vikki working too hard. She’d love to take the kids to a school fundraiser (skating) but has meetings until 9. No need for Nikki to take them – Billy can. It doesn’t matter that it’s short notice and that he’s seeing Lily – Billy will always drop whatever he’s doing for his kids.

Devon makes a beeline for Elena and Nate as they arrive at TGP. No, he can’t have a private word with Nate. Anything Devon has to say can be said in front of Elena.

Amanda’s all smiles when hearing that Billy and Lily’s trip was a success. After Billy leaves to have contracts drawn up, Lily avoids Amanda’s questions (about her and Billy) by asking how things went with Amanda’s birth Mother. I hit a brick wall, Amanda reports.

Adam walks into CL’s – I didn’t know you were back from your honeymoon. Looking very pleased to see him, Sharon’s happy he accepted Victor’s help and optimistic that Chelsea will recover – be very patient. Sharing his feelings (drawn out by Sharon) Adam apologizes for complaining. Rey appears for a polite but tense exchange.

Devon’s not looking for a fight – can we move on? Sofia (Moses’ Mom) called him to say that Moses wants to finish high school at Walnut Grove then go on to premed. As Moses is inspired by Nate, Sofia wonders if he’d be his mentor.

Back at ChanceCom, Amanda finds a sympathetic ear in Lily. Relaying her talk with Naya, she knows Imani’s behind the restraining order. Sorry to hear it, Lily cautions Amanda not to make any rash decisions while angry.

Asking Vikki how she feels about Billy dating Lily, Nikki thinks he has it good (since the kids live with Vikki) She worries about her daughter working so much and having no social life (or fun) – then leaves her to think about it.

Amanda’s not one to back down from a fight. Lily’s just saying that she should breathe and think out her approach. Amanda appreciates the good advice from a good friend. Yes, Devon’s a good friend too – he made me an omelet this morning. You had breakfast together? Getting no answer, Lily’s left wondering.

Even though Moses is only 16, Devon supports his goals, and his brother coming to GC to connect with his family. Surely we can put our issues aside to help him – Whaddaya say? Honestly, Nate doesn’t think it the right time. Have a good day guys, Devon leaves Elena to ask Nate whether he’s rejecting the message or the messenger.