Friday, January 15th, 2021

Billy hopes Lily’s not scared off by his baggage (manipulative exes) and that there’s no residual fallout from their conversation about Summer. No, Lily takes Billy’s word for it that he’s not that guy anymore. Billy loves that she’s so upfront but can’t convince her to go skating.

Vikki disagrees with her fussing Mother – I do not work too hard. This trip is legitimate business, Nikki’s looking forward to going to Hawaii with Vikki. Listing all the work on her plate, Vikki has the kids to consider too. No, she can’t leave them with Billy – and no, it’s nothing to do with Lily. I’ll think about it, she concedes. Think about what? Victor appears.

Traci continues to support Abby – lean on Chance and consider your options, she remains optimistic.

Victor thinks a trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful – why doesn’t Vikki want to go? Nikki calls Billy and puts him on speakerphone. Yes, of course he can watch the kids – he’d love to.

Shortly after Mariah drops by to offer her support, Chance calls an end to visiting hours so Abby can rest. Mariah will be there for Abby whenever she’s ready to talk.

Billy has more proof that Vikki’s over him – she’s traveling 4K miles to be away from me. Unless she comes up with a last minute crisis, Lily’s finally pestered into putting work aside to go skating.

At home, Sharon leaves a message for Faith, then comforts Mariah when she comes home all sad about her advice not being received well. Sharon can relate.

Sharon’s worried about you – she’s a good friend, Adam insists to Chelsea (who daydreams that they’re kissing in front of her) Adam ends a call when a frustrated Chelsea makes a loud sound. What were you trying to say??? he asks.

Chance thinks it kind of Traci and Mariah to stop by. Abby expresses how hurt she is to learn she’ll never carry a baby.

After skating, Billy and Lily are at Society. He thinks she should get to know the kids. Wanting to do it slowly and carefully, Lily wants to be introduced as a friend from work. Billy gets all mushy – I’m falling in love with you.

Billy prods Lily for a response – you did hear me right? She thinks it’s always a good thing when someone tells you how much you mean to them. Seemingly satisfied, Billy grins.

Still at the office, Vikki looks at a photo of Hawaii that her Mom text her – then a framed photo of her and Billy with the kids.

On the CL’s patio, Nikki thanks Victor for helping with Vikki. When he wonders where she got her stubbornness from, Nikki quips – yes, it’s a real mystery. Whining about how hard it is when one of your children is in crisis, Victor gets a text from Ashley (alerting him that Abby needs help)

Abby knows that today’s been a hard day for Chance too. He isn’t giving up on their dream and in time they can explore their options. The only option is to have a family with you, Abby vows as she goes upstairs. Now alone, a sad Chance sits.

Adam’s excited that Chelsea expressed herself – it’s a first step – we’re going to get you well!