Thursday, January 14th, 2021

Bumping into Jack at CL’s, Sally’s questions have him wondering if she’s nervous for some reason about Summer and Kyle meeting with the Spencers.

At an outdoor LA restaurant, Summer and Kyle take photos of each other then summarize the agenda for this meeting – a marketing deal between JVC and Spencer Publications and dirt on Sally Spectra from her ex, Wyatt (whose arrival signals Kyle’s exit)

At Society, Mariah asks Abby if she’s alright. Abby confides that scar tissue from her miscarriage may be preventing her from getting pregnant. I hear you, Mariah says – but does she? Distracted on her phone, Mariah excuses herself.

Vikki’s at TGP to meet with a headhunter (who, for some reason, chose this place) Maybe it’s because of the hotel’s spectacular owner, Phyllis smirks. She doesn’t agree that Vikki ‘won’ and hints that she has something up her sleeve.

You got petty and vindictive, Phyllis accuses. Vikki made a ton of profit; it’s not her fault her brother had to pay it. Billy and I took the kids skating, we’re all meeting up for dinner afterward, Vikki has a meeting to get to. With a head hunter? To replace the CFO in NE’s San Fransisco subsidiary? Vikki stops in her tracks.

At home, Faith replies to Jordan’s text – she can’t come over because her parents know she was with her both times she got caught drinking. They’re suspicious of you. Jordan’s sure she can win them over.

Mariah’s sorry she was texting but heard everything Abby said – don’t worry – you and Chance will face whatever the news is head on. Don’t overthink things. Mariah then reveals the reason she was texting – Abby needs a distraction, and here she is (Tessa)

Already following Summer (as the new head of JVC) Wyatt’s interested in collaborating. Summer’s excited and Lauren will be too. Oh, and Sally Spectra says hi. Wyatt’s caught off guard – how do you know Sally?

Sally denies she has an issue with Summer and Kyle meeting the Spencer’s. Jack’s not trying to pry but JVC is part of Fenmore’s, Fenmore’s is part of Jabot – and didn’t you and Summer put your issues aside? Fine, there IS something Jack should know.

Hearing that Sally’s working as Lauren’s assistant, Wyatt’s surprise she took a step down. Humble? that’s not the first word he’d use to describe her. Summer doesn’t know Sally that well but would like to know more.

Vowing to cheer Abby up, Mariah and Tessa turn music on at Society and bust lame dance moves until she agrees to join them. Lola wonders what she walked in on – and has something to add that involves chocolate.

Being dumb doesn’t suit you, Phyllis is aware that Vikki made her LA CFO resign for embezzling (after paying back every penny so Victor wouldn’t find out) Your throne is in jeopardy. Vikki sits to ask Phyllis what she plans to do with this information.

Blackmail? No. Telling Victor? No. Phyllis just wants Vikki to know for now that she has this info (for now) You’re welcome. After Vikki exits, Nick appears to ask what that was all about.