Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

The show did not air yesterday due to the inauguration being aired on the originating network.

At the house, Traci’s decided to tell Jack what’s going on with Abby – in case he says something; inadvertently upsetting her.

Abby fantasizes that Chance is ranting on the phone – of course he wouldn’t have married Abby if he knew she couldn’t have kids – marrying her was a mistake.

Well-intentioned, Chance fusses over Abby. She’s feeling so many emotions – sad, anger, loss; a failure. Chance wants to go through this together. Wanting to be alone, Abby goes for a drive.

Dropping by the estate, Victor scolds Chance for letting Abby go out alone and upset. Chance scolds Victor for calling all those specialists – did it need to be done today?

Alone at Society, Abby pours herself a drink, downs it and makes a face.

Abby now imagines Victor and Nikki are at Society to discuss how she’s spiraling; just like poor Ashley did after losing her baby, Robert. No one can get through to her. She’s a Newman, she’s strong, Victor wishes Abby would realize that she has options. Snapping out of it, Abby hurries out.

Now joining Mariah at CL’s, Abby divulges how depressing it is to see her social media feed full of pregnancy/baby announcements, knowing that she’ll never be able to post good news of her own. Women accidentally get pregnant all the time, but I can’t.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci and Jack couldn’t feel any sorrier for Abby (and Chance) They touch upon the loss of Colleen. Jack admires how strong and resilient his sister is. Traci wishes she had her Colleen back – I might even be a grandmother by now. Jack regrets setting expectations for happiness with the Teardrop of Love. No, you reminded this family how to have hope – it’s a beautiful gift, Traci reassures through tears.

I’m not upset with you, Sir – Chance just feels helpless as he watches Abby’s heartbreak – she doesn’t deserve any of this. Neither do you, Victor has his son in law pour two Tequilas.

Mariah gives Abby an eloquent pep talk. There’s no reason why, it just is – it sucks that someone as kind and generous and Abby has to go through this. You’re not ‘less than’ – get that out of your head – you wouldn’t think that of anyone who couldn’t have children. No one thinks you’re broken – we’re saddened but it’s not pity, it’s love.

Abby always wanted to be a Mom – she has so much to be thankful for, but it hurts so much to know that she’ll never feel a baby’s kick. She just needs some time. Mariah understands – go home and get some rest – tomorrow will be a better day, she leaves.