Thursday, January 21st, 2021

After a therapy session, Adam’s single fixation is the sound Chelsea made last night. Dr Cabbot’s primary focus is the gradual return of Chelsea’s motor skills – I haven’t seen any signs of that yet – have you?

When Rey comes home with flowers, Sharon’s stunned to hear that they’re from Adam.

Still at the LA restaurant – Have you met up with Flo yet? Kyle texts. She’s here now – gotta go, Summer replies. Polite compliments exchanged, Flo cuts to the chase – you want to know about Sally. Short version – she’s a nightmare. I wish someone told me what she was capable of.

Sally joins Lauren as her lunch meeting with Jack wraps up. When Lauren excuses herself to take a call, Jack’s escape is thwarted. Not so fast, Sally stalls him.

Wow, sounds like Sally really gave you a rough time. She hasn’t done anything to me – yet – but said she wants my man and my job. Not surprised to hear that the man in question is giving Sally the benefit of the doubt, Flo believes Sally has a gift for it (tricking men) She won’t stop until she gets what she wants. She’s capable of kidnapping, lying, trying to get pregnant to keep a man etc. And now she’s your problem, Flo concludes.

At Society – Sally worked on her pitch for Lauren all night and wants to run it by Jack (who, with a few words of praise, is putty in her hands) She’s nervous, needs to bring her A-game. The pitch? Fenmore’s should partner with influencers; the heavy hitters. Jack sits – hit me with your best shot.

The card reads ‘Your kindness is appreciated – warmly, Adam’. Rey’s about to go confront Adam when Sharon explains that she took some books over to him. I was going to tell you last night but you got home so late. It’s not like I was hiding it from you.

Can you show Dr Cabbot? Adam tries but fails to get any sounds out of Chelsea. You’re probably tired, he realizes – we’ll try again later. A friend brought some books over last night. ‘Sharon is no friend’, Chelsea recites in her head. Keep talking to her – keep encouraging her, Dr Cabott leaves to consult with the rest of the team. As soon as dr leaves, Adam tells Chelsea not to lose hope – we’ll get through this together.

Rey will never trust Adam – but if Sharon thought it was a good idea to take some books over, he knows it’s because she’s a kind person. Getting the feeling that Chelsea didn’t appreciate her visit, Sharon won’t be going back.

Getting a text from Connor, Adam won’t reply until Chelsea signals that it’s OK. He’s sorry he dragged her out to try to make a sound for Dr Cabbot. He wants solutions yesterday – but will do whatever it takes to get Connor (and Chelsea) through this. I love you. You say all the right things – so why can’t you let Sharon go? the voice in Chelsea’s head says.

At CL’s, Kevin frets over a call from Gloria. Is it wrong to wish that she were a normal grandmother calling to check on her grandkids? You have no choice but to deal with it. After Chloe goes to visit Chelsea, Kevin gets a text – patio. And there she is – in all her gloriousness.

Jack likes Sally’s idea – it’s got sizzle – like being invited to a party with all the cool people. He’d be surprised if Lauren didn’t want to put this proposal in motion right away. Lauren arrives – OK Sally, wow me.

Summer wants prepared to hear that Sally committed actual crimes. Wyatt moved on- sally didn’t – her methods to win him back were extreme. She claimed to be dying – move in with Wyatt. I figured out her scam and exposed for the liar she is. I was about to tell Wyatt. Sally knocked me out – tied me to a radiator, then went to have sex to get pregnant. I sent Wyatt a signal and he received it just in time. Sally left LA in disgrace – cut ties with everyone she knew – clean slate. Summer hopes to prevent future pain. Let’s stay in touch. How about a selfie? That’ll be juicy for social media. Like minds, the ladies share a smile.

Kyle back at the restaurant to hear that Sally’s capable of a lot – Summer should be terrified – instead, she feels empowered. This has been the most productive day ever.

If you answered any of my calls my visit wouldn’t be a surprise, Glo scolds – and Kevin destroyed evidence that secured her future. Kevin destroyed evidence to save Gloria. I was trying to save Newmans. Gloria stole the evidence to stop her boss from destroying the Newmans. Now I’m fired and evicted. And Now I’m moving in with you and Chloe – and I need a job. I’m famished – treat me to the best food in town, Gloria says – let’s go.