Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Chelsea’s imagination is in overdrive – Does Sharon see an opportunity here? She could be writing notes to Adam in those books. Adam needs to go out so will have the nurse take her back to her room for some rest. You’re going to see HER, Chelsea stews silently.

Sharon hands Rey coffee for Paul – his favourite. So, Adam gets books, Paul coffee – what do I get? You’ll see tonight, Sharon teases. Rey suggests a Valentine’s getaway for a couple of days. After he leaves, Adam arrives. How’s Chelsea? Nothing’s changed. Thanks for the flowers, but Sharon thinks coming over was a mistake. No – the books were a wonderful gesture, he assures. My being there upset Chelsea, Sharon could see that Chelsea was agitated.

Chloe drops by. Bella made a card – you and Adam, holding hands. You’re standing. Chelsea (in her head) wonders if Adam wants her stuck in this chair so he can go be with Sharon. Chloe – I need an ally – come all the time (said again in her head)

Summer’s pleased – a new deal with Spencer Publications – location for a new JVC store – ammo to keep Sally in her place. Let’s celebrate.

Arriving at Society, Lauren heard Jack says she’d like the idea. He’s wrong – I love it. She’ll be the star of the campaign. We need a new image; updated brand. Now she’ll expect this level of work on everything Sally works on. Maybe I finally found a home, Sally smiles – until she gets a text; the selfie Summer and Flo took. Everything alright? Jack asks.

After Lauren leaves, Jack tells Sally that there’s no reason to be nervous. You’re second-guessing yourself. Take a victory lap – you earned it. You’re a rising star. I guarantee you’ll make an impact around here.

Adam thanks Dr Cabbot for meeting him at CL’s – he needs some honest answers. There is something she hesitates to mention. The stroke only affected Chelsea’s right side – she should have more mobility on her left side. What could that mean? There’s another reason she’s not responding.

Chelsea – what’s wrong – are you in pain? Should I call Adam to come back? Chelsea wills herself – Mumble if that’s the best you can do. Make Chloe understand. Say something. Chloe looks helpless as Chelsea makes faces.

Psychological distress/depression can slow the recovery of motor and language skills. A psychologist can help with emotional wellness. Give it some thought – talk to Dr Hastings, Dr Cabbot advises Adam.

Nice, Nice, Nice, Gloria seems to like Society. Oh – who’s the one with Jack? she eyes Sally. Jack wonders why Glo’s in town. I’m here because Kevin and Chloe need me here. LA never felt like home – not the way this place did. Chloe’s stunned – what the….Kevin will explain later. To be continued, Glo smiles at Jack. Who’s that? Sally asks. Jack will tell her another time. Congratulations, he leaves Sally to scowl at the photo of Summer and Flo on her phone.

Back at the LA restaurant, Kyle and Summer pay the tab and run off to play out their fantasies.

Paul loved his coffee, Rey reports. What were you looking at? Having closed her laptop, Sharon says she was researching destinations for their Valentine’s getaway.

Back at the penthouse, Adam opines that the trees are covered with snow – want to look out the window? We’ll be able to take walks again in the spring, he assures Chelsea.

I have an idea I want to discuss with you (Adam sends a text to Nate)