Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Finding Vikki rummaging through paperwork, Nikki scolds her – our pilot is waiting. We have oceanside massages booked. You really need this getaway.

At ChanceCom, Lily has exciting news for her partner – a media mogul is retiring and looking for a buyer. Since Billy has to babysit, Lily will fly to Manhattan; he can join in via video.

Chelsea awakens to blurt out ‘Adam’. I can talk! I can move my hands! Laughing, she stands – come down here! I can talk and walk again! Adam, where are you!?

Adam’s summoned Nate to Society to discuss Chelsea’s recovery. She hasn’t regained mobility but Adam thinks he has a solution.

Vikki calls Billy to double-check that he’s OK watching the kids. Be at my place by the time Katie gets off school? Count on it, Billy hangs up and invites Lily over later. OK, but I’m just a friend from work. Billy loves that Lily puts the kids first.

Nate agrees it might be time to bring a psychologist in to treat Chelsea. Adam already has someone in mind.

What am I doing here? Chelsea’s surprised when Adam bounces down the stairs at Sharon’s place. You’re walking – it’s a miracle! Champagne? We have some leftover. ‘To Chelsea’, Adam and Sharon raise a glass. What are you doing here? Chelsea asks. It was bound to happen, Adam’s unapologetic. In her chair, at the penthouse, Chelsea fumes.

Adam thinks Chelsea should be treated by someone she knows – Sharon. When Nate raises the obvious points, Adam claims they’re on good terms – and Sharon was very helpful with Connor (who matters more than anything)

At CL’s, Lily’s delighted when Amanda offers to go to Manhattan with her for a week. Amanda finds it funny that Mr Reckless is the one who has to have everything planned out while his steady, reliable partner can leave on a whim. Lily understands that the kids are Billy’s top priority. But? It’s causing some issues but we’ll work it out, she’s sure.

Billy 100% approves of Vikki taking a much-needed vacation – let someone else do the heavy lifting. When Katie joins them, she and her Dad do the Running Man – oh, the fun they’ll have while Mom’s away.

Billy lists all the fun activities they’ll do while Mom’s gone. An excited Katie runs upstairs to pick out the dresses her Mom will pack. Vikki thanks Billy – you’re a great Father.

Back at CL’s, Amanda and Lily list all the fun things they’ll do on their trip – then are solemn when discussing Amanda’s Mother (whose actions have deeply hurt Amanda)

When Adam comes home, the nurse doesn’t have anything good to report. After she goes to the kitchen, Adam tells Chelsea that Nate recommends she work with a mental health expert. Let me guess who, Chelsea says (in her head) Adam suggested hiring Sharon. And there it is, Chelsea’s not surprised. At all.

Chelsea blinks twice – no (to working with Sharon) She worked with Connor, she’s patient and kind, Adam persists. Chelsea can’t believe he’s going on and on about his wonderful ex. Adam wants Chelsea to have the full life she deserves. Give working with Sharon a try. Yes, Chelsea will do it – keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Adam calls the nurse in – I have to go take care of something. I love you, he exits.