Monday, January 25th, 2021

At the estate, Abby’s re-energized, ready to look towards the future – and discuss the options she’s researched (on starting a family) Let’s talk, Chance agrees.

Thanks for letting me join you, Phyllis’ peppy arrival at Society sends Faith running to the kitchen to see if Lola’s around. She’s holding a grudge because I tattled on her drinking, Phyllis assumes. She’s not happy with me either (after Nick was overheard discussing therapy with Sharon) Faith returns; Lola’s not here and she needs some privacy for a group call for a history project)

Devon arrives at TGP for a change of plans. Amanda won’t have time for dinner but can squeeze in some drinks before packing for a trip. Our first official date’s out of town? Devon quips.

At ChanceCom, Lily watches with amusement as Billy gives the kids a putting lesson. Going first, Katie gets a hole in one. Hovering outside to hear a few minutes of playful banter, Vikki’s greeted with excited squeals of ‘Mommy!’ Lily receives a smug smile (more a vampire-ish baring of teeth)

Nick and Phyllis relegated to the couches, Faith’s schoolbooks take up half the table. Ending her group call, she decides to order chicken and rejects Phyllis’s attempts to engage her in conversation. All are surprised when Nikki appears to say that her trip with Vikki is postponed until tomorrow due to bad weather. Invited to visit the stables, Faith turns the awkwardness up a few notches – she’s not interested in Nikki’s lecture on the evils of drinking.

Back at the estate, Abby goes over the pros and cons of adoption and surrogacy. Chance appreciates her research skills but is more interested in what Abby wants, not what she knows. We should go with our hearts as much as our heads.

Amanda’s not getting on a plane with Devon – she’s going with Lily to check out an opportunity for ChanceCom. Hearing that Jill’s using the Chancellor jet, Devon offers his. That would be way too generous, but Amanda accepts. Devon would love to tag along – we’d have a helluva time. Amanda can’t mix business with pleasure; no distractions. I’m a distraction? Devon’s pleased – I must be on your mind quite a bit.

Billy’s sorry to hear that Vikki’s flight got turned around. He and Lily were just about to take the kids out for dinner. Can Mommy come!? the kids chorus brings another smirk to Vikki’s face.

Vikki doesn’t want to intrude and has work to do. Lily has stuff to wrap up – go spend time together before leaving for your trip tomorrow. Are you sure? Vikki tries not to sound eager. Billy sees no reason they can’t all go out together. The kids decide on pizza at home. Billy and Lily will meet up for a nightcap later. Vikki declares it ‘the perfect solution’.

Talking it through some more, Abby chooses surrogacy over adoption. Chance is onboard – and hopes the baby has Abby’s eyes.

Back at Society, Nikki won’t lecture Faith but is concerned about her. You should be worried – you have no idea what I’ve really been up to, Faith pours it on thick; strip poker – beer pong. There was this one guy ….. Nick’s heard enough. Faith then lashes out at Phyllis for ratting her out and Nick for agreeing with Mom that she needs therapy. I’m sick of it! she runs off.

We’re all in this together, Nikki explains that Sharon filled her in. Knowing Faith blames her for being the rat, Phyllis offers to go talk to her (so she can vent) Nikki frowns at Phyllis – making it all about you (as usual) I should be the one to go talk to her. Nick clearly doesn’t want to choose between his girlfriend and Mother.

Chance doesn’t need more time to think about it – surrogacy is the way to go. Abby’s elated – we can have everything we’ve dreamt about. There are agencies who handle this but she’d rather use someone they know.