Monday, January 25th, 2021

At the house, Billy’s nailing down the pizza order as the kids tell their Mom that Lily’s ‘funny’ and ‘nice’. Yeah, Vikki agrees (though doesn’t share their enthusiasm)

Over martinis at TGP, Devon points out that this is the second time Amanda’s declined a trip to New York with him. She appreciates his support. And he’s enjoying getting to know her. Amanda’s looking forward to seeing where this goes too. We haven’t even had our first kiss, Devon all but makes Amanda blush like a shy schoolgirl.

Hear that? Silence – Billy’s put a movie on for the kids while waiting for the pizza. He wonders if Vikki’s bothered that they get along with Lily so well. Vikki’s not jealous – she’s happy for him. But since Billy keeps bringing it up, she has to wonder if he’s unsure of what he wants.

Chance and Abby look forward to telling their child his or her unconventional birth story. Abby liked having two dads. Chance didn’t get to know his Father until late in life. See? There’s no one way to build a family. Our way will be magical.

Amanda wants to kiss Devon – but do you want to kiss someone who looks exactly like your late wife? Devon no longer sees Hilary when he looks at Amanda. You’re two very different people. I see and hear you. I know how your mind works – I admire your strength etc. Amanda has nice things to say too – Devon’s kind, generous. She’s just as excited to learn more about him as he is her.

Outside Society’s restrooms, Faith swipes away tears to text Jordan – I can’t take it anymore – my family is driving me crazy. Nikki brings her coat and leads Faith outside for some fresh air. Meanwhile, Nick hopes his Mom’s able to get through to Faith – maybe he and Sharon should be harder on her. That’s one way to go but Phyllis worries they might push Faith into something even more extreme.

Phyllis shares her opinion with Nick. Faith feels backed into a corner, putting a tight leash on her will make her rebel harder. Gentle guidance is better than trying to force her in the right direction. Proceed with caution.

Outside, Nikki touts the wonders of crisp, cold air. Faith’s sorry. Nikki understands but wouldn’t go as far as to say that Faith’s parents are overreacting. And you do have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism. I was quite a handful, Nikki confides – she hated being judged so will never judge Faith. We only want to love and protect you. Faith’s ready to go inside – I can do this by myself. Call me anytime day or night to talk. I love you very much. I love you too, Faith heads inside alone.

The kids in bed, Vikki and Billy agree that it was a good night. He has to go – he doesn’t want to keep Lily waiting. Billy’s happy and in a good place – he keeps questioning Vikki because he wants her to be in a good place too (hopefully in Hawaii tomorrow) Good night.

Amanda has to wrap up a few things then pack. Liking the way their non-official first date went, Devon wonders if she’s changed her mind on that first kiss. Soon, she smiles and sashays over to the elevator looking smitten.

Devon’s still in the lobby and Amanda hasn’t even gotten off the elevator before she gets a text. Let me know when you’re coming back from NY so I have something to look forward to. Amanda exits the elevator grinning.

Faith rejoins her Dad in Society to apologize. He never wants her to apologize for how she feels – but he does need her to be more respectful and polite. Nick will always protect Faith – you’ll always be my little girl. Faith knows she’ll make mistakes but WILL figure it out. They agree to start the night over again. Yes, Phyllis’s offer for mani-pedis still stands.

Billy meets Lily at TGP for drinks. You were a big hit with the kids. Vikki may not be comfortable with it but claims she is – she does like and respect you, Billy knows. It would be weird for him to see another guy with Vikki and the kids but he’d have to keep an open mind. Vikki will adjust, in time, he’s sure. Lily, not so much.

Listing the many qualities she wants in a surrogate, Abby tells Chance that she has the perfect person in mind.