Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Should we put out coffee and tea? Katherine’s good silver? Abby doesn’t think it’s ‘too much’ – we’re asking someone to carry our baby. I hope she says yes. ‘She’ then arrives – Mariah.

Billy walks into Vikki’s to loudly list off the treats he’s brought for the kids. What’s all the shouting about? Vikki appears to ask – much to Billy’s surprise.

We just added two New Hope locations, Nick ends a call to tell Phyllis. Both are excited to go upstairs for a video game rematch. But, when her phone goes off, Phyllis says it’s not someone who can wait – it’s Summer.

Back in town and at CL’s (with Kyle) Summer salivates over the dirt they discovered in LA.

Everything OK in here? Jack pops into the boardroom to ask Sally (who’s troubled over the selfie Summer posted online, with Flo)

Summer continues to rant about Sally’s nerve – faking a terminal illness then kidnapping a woman to cover up her lies!? Kyle reminds that the goal wasn’t to get dirt to ruin Sally’s life (Summer all but rolls her eyes)

Summer’s big news isn’t that she’s engaged, married or pregnant (much to her parents’ obvious relief) She found a new location for a JVC boutique in LA. Nick quickly takes the hint that Summer has something to tell her Mom. After he leaves, Summer confides that if she goes missing, look to Sally Spectra – she’s done it before.

Detecting that she’s having a rough day, Jack insists on fetching Sally some coffee. That’s sweet of you, she accepts.

Vikki’s not going to Hawaii – they’ll do the deal remotely. But don’t go, she asks Billy to stay – the kids like having you around. Billy has a lot of work to do. Vikki does too – you brought your computer so can work here. With Lily out of town, there’s no reason to rush off to ChanceCom.

After some small talk, Abby tells Mariah that she can’t carry a baby so will need a surrogate. What’s the first step? an oblivious Mariah asks. Finding a surrogate. Great, Mariah volunteers to help find one.

Carrying someone else’s baby is a huge responsibility, Mariah wonders who they’ll find to do that. After Chance excuses himself, Abby says that whoever carries their baby will be giving them the greatest gift. They hope it’s not a stranger. We were hoping it’d be someone we care about – someone who’s stepped up for me before. You want me to carry your baby, Mariah finally gets it.

Phyllis is impressed with Summer’s investigative skills but worried she’s working with someone so dangerous. Summer needs advice on what to do with the dirt she’s uncovered on Sally. Oddly enough, Phyllis recently came across some explosive information but decided to keep it to herself. No, she’s not taking the high road, she’s taking the wise road. But, what if you were my age? Summer asks. Then I’d be the Sally in this scenario – consider that before you make your next move, Phyllis cautions.

In the boardroom, Kyle doesn’t have time to tell Sally about his trip to LA. The three of us should go for drinks, Sally sounds desperate. Not committing, Kyle really needs to get some work done. Wait, Sally stands (clearly with more to say)