Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Unable to get any work done (due to the kids) Billy gives up and goes to play with them. Getting a call from Nick, Vikki declines his invitation to go sledding – Billy’s here having fun with the kids. It’s not like that, she shuts down his innuendo (but, after hanging up, smiles ear to ear; the picture of domestic bliss)

We were in LA on business, nothing to do with you – Kyle doesn’t need Sally to clear anything up. Sally insists on being heard – she’s made mistakes, but everything she’s done was motivated by love and passion. Surely Kyle can understand that (given his up and down relationship with Summer) Don’t bury me with my past mistakes, she pleads. Kyle’s not interested in what Sally did in LA. Does Summer feel the same way? Kyle can’t speak for Summer – and he has work to do.

Mariah sits – I must have misunderstood. You want me – to carry your baby. Calling Chance back in, Abby thinks Mariah might be in shock. Both want someone they trust to carry their child. It’s a lot to take in but Abby believes Mariah’s the perfect surrogate. Mariah needs time to think – and to talk to Tessa. I’m gonna go, she stumbles out in a daze.

Sally runs into Society gasping to Jack about a call she just got – she made a mistake and missed a deadline for a shipment. I need your help! I don’t want to let Lauren down! Jack has an easy solution – we’ll piggyback Fenmore’s shipment with Jabot’s. Tell warehouse I sent you. Happy he could help, Jack knows Sally’s a stickler for details – and that something was weighing on her earlier. Phyllis arrives to witness Sally thanking Jack for being her hero.

Billy jokes about Vikki burning cookies – remember that Johnny? Which time? he piles on. Billy and the kids will make cookies while Vikki takes a bath. She can barely contain her delight when Johnny chirps ‘it’s fun having everyone together’.

Joining Mariah on the patio, Tessa instantly knows something’s wrong. Can you envision me pregnant? Mariah relays Abby’s request. Wow, Tessa says. Yes, exactly – wow, Mariah’s still in shock.

Chance thinks they might need to find someone else to be their surrogate – what are you thinking? Abby’s speechless (though plenty is running through her mind)

Summer’s at Jabot to update Kyle on her Mom’s ‘do as I say, not as I do’ advice (not to blow up Sally’s life) Kyle agrees with Phyllis – he just talked to Sally. She saw your selfie with Flo. She knows that you know, and she’s scared. You’ve got her right where you want her. Summer’s not sure – maybe Sally will lash out.

Back at Society, Phyllis introduces herself as Summer’s Mother. Yes, she’s ‘the greatest’. Excusing herself, Sally takes a call from the shipping manager. That leaves Phyllis to scold Jack – you know everything about her? She’s a friend, Jack responds in a firm tone. Seated at the bar, Phyllis glares as Jack tells Sally that he’s happy he could help.

Don’t leave me hanging, what did you say? Tessa asks. Mariah made a beeline for the door – she didn’t agree to it (and wouldn’t do so without talking to Tessa) Nine months – I can’t go on a roller coaster or drink a Cosmo – this is crazy. It’s a lot to ask, but Tessa doesn’t think it crazy. Question is – is this something you truly want to do?

Vikki comes down to find Billy watching cartoons with the kids. Her smile vanishes when he answers a call from Lily with ‘I miss you too’.

Abby won’t hold it against Mariah if she declines their request. She’s confident that one way or another, she and Chance will have a baby.

Still on the patio, Mariah hasn’t made a decision. Take your time, mull it over, Tessa can tell that Mariah’s taking it seriously. How? You haven’t said no.

In the boardroom, Jack welcomes Summer back. He heard their trip to LA was productive. Yes, it was enlightening – you have no idea how eye-opening it was. In the hallway, Sally looks incredibly nervous.