Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Summer tells Jack that her trip to LA was eye-opening, in many ways. Sally barges into the boardroom – sorry, I need to learn how to knock. Summer’s glad Sally’s there. She lists some of her old friends she met up with, they all had a lot to say about you.

Sharon’s summoned Rey to CL’s to tell him something he won’t like. Adam’s asked her to treat Chelsea. No, she hasn’t agreed to do it – she agreed to talk to Rey about it. Why do YOU have to be Chelsea’s therapist? Rey clearly disapproves.

Nick and his Mother are at Sharon’s. If he looks tired it’s because there’s so much going on with New Hope. Nikki hopes he’s not at Sharon’s because Faith’s in trouble. No, he brought her home to work on a science project. Grandma goes up to do her magic.

Elena’s sorry to bother Devon at home – but this envelope was delivered to the clinic; it might be important. Stepping inside, she notes that the place seems different. Nothing’s changed, except you and me, Devon says without malice.

Happy to deliver Devon’s mail, Elena gets the letter opener. Sorry, it’s not my house anymore, I shouldn’t be touching your things. Now that we’ve both moved on maybe we can be something similar to friends, she suggests.

Nikki comes down to report that Faith shut down when she tried to press her. Nick wishes he had a better handle on what’s going on with her. He called the school about the bullying but didn’t get anywhere. Nikki encourages him – don’t let Faith push you away. Of course she’ll hang around – Faith will always know how much she’s loved.

Sharon’s considering Adam’s request – for Chelsea’s sake. He thinks her resentment of me might motivate her to get better. Rey doesn’t see how torturing Chelsea will help her recovery. She blinked her approval, Sharon adds. What does Rey think? That Sharon should stay the hell away – there are plenty of other therapists who can treat Chelsea.

What did my friends have to say? Sally wonders. Wyatt and Flo send their regards, Summer grins. Getting a weather alert, Jack decides to take his work home and suggests the ladies do the same. Sally and Summer are just getting into it when Kyle appears. Admitting her mistakes, Sally wants to put the past behind them and start fresh.

Rey knows it’s not his place to ‘allow’ Sharon to do anything – we’re partners, I trust you (but he still doesn’t like her having anything to do with Adam) We’ll continue this conversation tonight, he leaves when Nick arrives. When Sharon confides that the issue involves Adam, Nick decides it IS his business after all.

Summer doesn’t like gossip and agrees with Sally – whatever you did in the past stays there. Out of curiosity, what did my friends say about me? Sally wonders. Summer thinks it best to let sleeping LA dogs lie. Kyle agrees – he wouldn’t want anything coming out that tarnishes Jabot’s reputation. Summer wraps it up by saying that if Sally ever feels under the weather, she knows plenty of doctors who can give her a second opinion.

Jack’s surprised when Gloria drops by to offer condolences on the loss of his Mother; Dina was a dynamic presence. Jack can’t help but wonder if there’s another reason for her visit – what is it you’re really after?

Elena would understand if friendship’s impossible. Devon shakes her hand – friends it is. He gets an alert on his phone – the weather’s getting bad – you should probably hang around until it eases up.