Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Devon and Elena discuss Moses moving in. He’s a good kid, excited about being mentored by Nate. Elena thinks he’s equally excited about living with his big brother. Moses is lucky to have both of you. Devon has a question – did you have feelings for Nate before that night at the clinic? How long were things going on between you two?

On the patio, Nick and Sharon discuss Faith being distant. Sharon will feel better after she speaks to a therapist (of which she’s made a list) When Nick seems hesitant, she wonders if he’s changed his mind.

Back in the boardroom, Sally thanks Summer and Kyle for being so understanding – you won’t regret it. Summoned by a text from Lauren, Sally leaves. Checking to make sure Sally isn’t lurking/listening, Kyle closes the door and praises Summer for handling things perfectly. Cornering Sally might make her more of a threat, he warns.

Sorry for bringing Sally out to Society in this weather, Lauren relays positive feedback on her influencer marketing pitch – a colleague thinks it ‘inspired’. Her next project for Sally involves a promotional partnership with Forrester Publications. Sorry, but Sally doesn’t think she’s the best person for the job.

Something feels very different here, Gloria denies having an ulterior motive – she’s just reminiscing; and has fond memories of working with Jack and everything she accomplished at Jabot. Like the tainted face cream? Jack reminds. Gloria has so many ideas about the future of cosmetics. Sorry, but Jack has no positions available at Jabot. Give it some more thought – you know how much I have to offer, Gloria leaves Jack looking baffled.

Devon didn’t mean to make Elena uncomfortable – but it’s something he’s wondered about for a long time. Friends are supposed to be honest, right? I should go, Elena leaves.

Not as convinced as Sharon that Faith needs to see a therapist, Nick suggests a compromise – you pick the therapist and we’ll go see her. When Nick heads out, Mariah arrives to warn him to be careful driving. Don’t ever have kids, Sharon jokes – wait, are you thinking about it? It’s a possibility, Mariah surprises her Mom.

Why would you have a problem working with the Spencers? Lauren’s told ‘It’s complicated’. Wyatt might have a problem working with me. We were involved – it didn’t end well. I did some wrong things for the right reasons. Sally’d rather not get into the details – it was bad enough when Bill Spencer blew up my building – with me inside. OMG, Lauren’s stunned – we’ll work it out later. Gloria appears – she’s already met Sally; Jack introduced us. I’m very protective of him, she adds as Sally leaves to deliver paperwork to him. Now alone with her daughter in law, Gloria asks for a job at Fenmore’s – imagine the two of us working side by side.

Kyle informs Summer that Jabot’s on it’s way to conquering the world – expanding in new markets all over the globe – oh the places they’ll travel to. Barely looking up from her marketing report, Summer thinks they’ll be trapped there because of the storm.

Abby and Chance want me to be their surrogate, Mariah confides – she hasn’t decided yet. That would be an extremely generous thing to do, Sharon asks about Tessa. She needs time to think about it. And what about your job? Sharon asks. Since Abby’s an Abbott, Mariah’s sure Jack would be supportive. It’s a life-changing decision. How will you feel carrying a child you won’t raise? Sharon has to ask.

This wouldn’t be my baby – it’s Abby’s egg, Chance’s sperm. Mariah’s OK with being wacky Aunt Mariah. It’s not that simple – the bond with a baby you’re carrying is indescribable. Mariah doesn’t think that’ll be a problem for her. Don’t be so sure, Sharon cautions.

Though Gloria’s sure she’d be a valued addition to the Fenmore family, Lauren has no positions available. She will, however, keep her eyes and ears open. Did you and Jack rehearse that? Gloria’s heard this already.

Jack thanks Sally for delivering in such bad weather. You’re going to be here a while. Sally doesn’t mind that.

Kyle gets another notification – the storm’s too bad to drive in. Everyone else has left. We can hunker down and get a lot of work done. Summer has another idea – we have the entire building to ourselves – the possibilities are endless.

Elena knocks on Devon’s door again – my car won’t start, I’m not going anywhere.