Thursday, January 28th, 2021

It’s really coming down out there, Abby peers out the window. The power may even go out. Both are surprised when Mariah rings the doorbell. I was in the neighborhood? she quips.

Ending her call, Elena tells Devon that the tow trucks are all in use due to the storm. He’s sorry if the question he posed earlier made Elena uncomfortable – but if they’re going to be friends, he needs her to be honest about how long she’s had feelings for Nate.

Agreeing that Mrs Martinez is indeed a great cook, Sally appreciates Jack sharing his dinner with her. He appreciates the company.

Having lost at Gin, Kyle now has to go get all of Summer’s favorites from the vending machine – without using his hands.

The kids in bed, Vikki’s glad they’re able to spend time as a family, even though their lives have gone in different directions. Showing Billy Johnny’s impressive report card, Vikki wonders …. Wonders what? How we got to this place.

It’s amazing after all we’ve been through – or, what I put you through, Billy’s done things he’ll regret until the day he dies. Vikki has her own baggage – unreasonable expectations – who could blame you for wanting an escape. I cheated on you, disappeared multiple times, Billy really sorry for all he’s put Vikki through.

Mariah’s not there to say yes – or no. She’s there for more information. Abby would be happy to answer all her questions.

The boardroom table littered with empty junk food wrappers, Kyle suggests a new game – the first one to make a noise loses. As he unbuttons his shirt, Summer gasps. I win, he gloats as he slides across the table.

Sally comes back inside to say that her car’s covered in ice. Jack wouldn’t let her drive in these conditions anyway. There’s a guest room already made up – throw blanket? Drink to take the chill off? A drink would be nice, Sally decides.

We should get stuck in the office more often, Kyle and Summer agree. Over wince, they also agree that Sally has as good a chance of stealing Summer’s job as stealing her man. Zero.

Over drinks, Jack’s surprised to hear that Sally’s parents were ‘carnies’. They left me and my sister – it made me tougher, Sally follows in her Aunt’s footsteps (and stepped on some toes along the way) Now, what’s Jack’s story? That’d take all night. Thanks to the weather, Sally has all night.

First step? Mariah would have a comprehensive medical examination – make sure she could carry a baby to term. Any appointments would be scheduled around Mariah’s work schedule. After Chance is politely shooed out to make tea, Mariah confides her fear that it might not work.

Abby’s not sure what she’ll do if it doesn’t work but not trying isn’t an option – that would break her heart. Mariah doesn’t want to be insensitive – why are you in such a hurry to have a baby? Abby can’t put into words how much she wants to have a baby – or how much it would mean if Mariah was the one to make it possible.