Friday, January 29th, 2021

Chance comes home from his appointment looking completely traumatized. What’s wrong? Abby asks.

Agreeing with Rey, Nick doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. The bottle cap doesn’t prove that Faith was drinking. Sharon doesn’t want to believe it either but we can’t turn a blind eye. Faith needs to be in therapy – right now (she pulls out her phone to call someone she’s already confided in)

Chance is devastated to tell Abby that he has a low sperm count – I can’t give you a child right now.

Nate can’t believe what he found out this morning. For a fleeting moment, Devon thinks he’s busted. But Nate’s talking about an email he got from Moses – he’ll be here in a few weeks. Devon’s excited to have his brother coming to stay with him. No, he doesn’t have anything else on his mind – see ya. For a second time, Nate’s left with an odd feeling.

Elena relays the deep conversation she had with Devon – we realized how much we loved each other; how much we lost. He wanted to talk this morning. She bolted – then, she ran into Nate – and had to rush off (apparently my MO now) Lola encourages Elena to look into her heart and decide who she wants. Elena knows what she has to do.

Vikki’s so glad she caught Phyllis (at TGP) I came to apologize. Phyllis looks skeptical.

Chance tells Abby that his condition could revert itself – there’s no way to know. And then? We can go ahead with our plans to have a baby. Being a parent isn’t about DNA – this isn’t what we planned. I can’t give you what you deserve and I hate myself for that.

Opening his front door, Devon’s glad Elena came back. Sorry she ran off, she now wants to talk. You brought so much light to my life – I’ll always be grateful for the time we had together. I loved you so much. But, so much has happened. We can’t go backwards. Elena owes it to herself to see where things go with Nate. Devon admits their hearts are in two different places now. So, you feel the same way, Elena concludes. Now what?

Adam gives Chelsea a pep talk – don’t get discouraged. Dr Cabbott’s not giving up and now we have Sharon to counsel you. It must be infuriating – channel that rage, Adam believes it might lead to a breakthrough. When he goes to get the nurse so Chelsea can get some rest, her fingers begin to twitch.

Sharon’s thanks Lainey (her psychologist friend) for coming over so quickly. Nick wants to hear what Faith has to say before making any decisions. Do you think we’d be rushing things? No – Lainey doesn’t and is ready to start working with Faith if and when they decide it’s time. After Lainey leaves, Sharon asks Nick what the hell that was about.

We’re on the same side, Nick just wants to be cautious. When Sharon asks for Rey’s opinion, he diplomatically says THEY need to come to an agreement. Nick can’t risk Faith locking them out – there’s more than one way to lose a child.

Devon won’t say anything to Nate (he would have a month ago) He won’t blow up Elena’s life. She wouldn’t want to sabotage Devon’s relationship with Amanda. We’ll keep this to ourselves, they agree.

Vikki admits that buying TGP wasn’t business, it was personal. She enjoyed watching Phyllis squirm – and that was beneath her. I’m sorry. That was a good performance, Phyllis mocks – and knows she’s only apologizing to get on Nick’s good side. And with one more shared glare of hatred, Vikki huffs out.

Here’s what’s gonna happen – Chance is going to have a drink and feel sorry for himself for an hour or two, then he’ll come find Abby, tell her a joke – then get busy expanding their family. We’re doing this – but right now, Chance is having a drink – alone. Exchanging I love you’s, Abby leaves for Society. This is Detective Chancellor, Chance answers his phone – I was wondering when you’d finally catch up with me, he frowns.

Next Week: At Society with Vikki, Nikki asks – do you regret ending things with him? …. We’re not discussing a bottle cap – we’re talking about what was in the bottle it came from, Sharon barks at Faith. The drinking is a concern, Nick adds…. Remember you asked to take me on a romantic getaway? Elena’s now ready to take Nate up on his offer.