Friday, February 5th, 2021

At TGP, Phyllis relays Vikki’s apology to Nick (who gets the credit) He hopes she’s grateful enough to accompany him to a Newman family dinner tonight at Society. Phyllis has plans. With who?

Summer can’t stick around with Kyle at Jabot. She has plans with her Mom but will make it up to him later. Seconds after Summer leaves, Sally barges into the boardroom to update on her new job. That’s not news to him – but he is surprised when Theo walks into the boardroom.

Nikki and Victor cover a range of topics in Vikki’s office; the tension between her and Nick, tonight’s dinner, poor Chelsea and Adam, Faith’s drinking, Abby and Chance’s baby woes, Vikki’s loneliness – and Billy….

At CL’s, Billy’s getting around to telling Johnny about his relationship with Lily when Vikki marches over – what a surprise!

We weren’t expecting you, Billy’s less than pleased. Vikki knows – isn’t it wonderful!? It’s not so wonderful to hear that Lily will be joining them soon. They have something important to tell Johnny. Vikki thought they agreed to hold off on that.

When Summer arrives at TGP, neither she nor Phyllis will let Nick use them as an excuse to bail out on dinner with Victor. It’s girls’ night. Summer’s ‘in the moment’ with Kyle. Phyllis wants to hear all about that girl from LA, Cindy.

Theo’s in Chicago to meet with jewelry designers. Turns out he has a real knack for the retail biz. He recently ran into someone from Kyle’s past; Tara Locke. Looks like you remember her, Sally’s delighted. He should – they have a child together, Theo looks triumphant.

You walked away from a woman you got pregnant? Oh, you didn’t realize you got her pregnant, Sally blathers. Kyle doesn’t believe it – Tara never would have confided with you. L’il Harrison is a cute kid. He has your dimples. I wonder what Tara’s Father and Summer would think.

Nikki wants tonight to be a coming together of the family. It ain’t the whole family without Adam, Victor sends Nikki off to get her stuff.

Johnny sent to get a hot chocolate, Billy assures Vikki that he’s sure about Lily and wants to be honest with the kids (Katie’s on a playdate but he wants Johnny to know) When Lily arrives, Vikki huffs off to her family event. Should we still do this now? Lily worries it might confuse Johnny, since his Mom was just here. Billy agrees (but isn’t happy about it)

Over drinks, Summer lets her Mom know that she decided to take her advice (dangling the info on Sally as opposed to using it)

I lost signal for about 15 minutes. sorry 🙁

What did Sally do now? Summer asks Kyle. It’s not what she did, it’s what she found out – about me, he frets.

Lily plays I spy – with my little eye – something that begins with C. Crimson, on the cup, Johnny then asks if Lily is Daddy’s new girlfriend. Yes, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get less time with his Dad. You and Mommy aren’t getting back together again? he asks.

At Society, Abby tells Nick, Victor, Nikki that she and Chance are having a baby via a surrogate. To Abby, all toast.

Sally calls Theo to thank him for the gift – Kyle’s freaking and will do anything to prevent Summer from finding out. I’m protected from anything they try to use against me, she’s relieved.

Kyle should have told Summer this a long time ago – it’s better you hear it from me than from Sally or in a tabloid. I could lose everything, including you, he’s understandably troubled.

Whatever it is, you can tell me, Summer reassures Kyle. Spotting her parents, he doesn’t want to risk them overhearing (but leaves them suspicious)

Nikki and Victor are left at Society. She appreciates him not asking Vikki about whether she’s reconciling with Billy. He hopes their children find the same magic they share.

Vikki comes home to hear that Johnny’s upstairs and has had his bath. Billy explains that he and Lily decided not to tell him – but he asked if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Billy told him the truth – it went well. Vikki doesn’t look happy. At all.