Monday, February 8th, 2021

Sally won’t do anything, Kyle’s sure. It’s best for everyone to just sit on what they know. Summer doesn’t look convinced.

Did you know I was deaf for a while? Yes – but not the details (which Devon now tells Amanda) He was a hotheaded angry kid. Amanda saw that side of Devon when she came to town. Things are good between you and Elena now? Amanda’s sorry to (briefly) kill the mood. Amanda makes it clear that she’s interested in Devon – the past made us but doesn’t own us. We deserve this.

Glad we came? Nate comes out with a towel. Stop fishing for validation – haven’t I been gushing enough? Nate’s turn to gush – he thinks about Elena all the time. You’ve made my heart so full, Devon. Instantly, she’s horrified to have slipped up.

Elena’s sorry and mortified – forgive me? If it was just a mistake, no reason to be upset, Nate claims. Elena pours it on – she’s so happy to be here with Nate. That’s gratifying – because Nate’s only human – he can’t help but wonder if Elena wishes she could go back in time to fix things with Devon.

Kyle screwed up – this is all my fault. He should have listened to Summer’s warnings about Sally. You warned me that Sally would lash out, Summer’s the one to be sorry. We’re a team; unsinkable. She appreciates Kyle’s honesty. There will be a day of reckoning; Sally will pay, Summer promises

Sally tells Phyllis about her promotion. She bumps into Kyle every day. Oh, and Jack was positively beside himself about her promotion. Phyllis finds it odd that a man of his stature would care about a low-level assistant. Has Summer mentioned anything – about me? Anything at all? Sally’s told no then leaves Phyllis to lecture Nick for falling for Sally’s charm. If she causes Summer pain, I’ll make sure she regrets stepping foot in GC.

Hey, we were just talking about you two – everything OK? Yes, Summer and Kyle convince Nick but not Phyllis. Something’s going on and she’ll find out what.

Elena’s only human too – I make mistakes. Being here with Nate is NOT a mistake. She wants all of this; all of Nate. It’s true. It’s been a rough few months for all of us. Elena’s tried to move on – she doesn’t think of Devon that way anymore. Her heart is right here with Nate. Now come back to bed where you belong.

We should tackle those dishes, Amanda figures. That’s not Devon’s ‘intentions’. He could always make her one of his world-class omelets in the morning. Amanda heads for the stairs – what are you waiting for? Devon pauses for a moment half way up before following.