Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Wrapped gift in hand, Lily follows a trail of chocolates to her desk, where she finds a card and single rose. Billy enters – I see you found my tokens of affection. Hard to miss, Lily smiles.

Bumping into Nate on the CL’s patio, Elena asks him to wait there for a minute. As if sensing his scowl, she pops her head back inside to assure that she’s not running away – just wait there.

At TGP, Nick opens a huge Valentine’s Day card. He’s to meet Phyllis at Society – so makes a call to redirect his delivery.

Rey finds Sharon flipping through their wedding photo album. Hungry? You worked so late last night – she let him sleep in. No, he’s good for now – then ducks outside to bring in flowers (which Sharon notices are the same as her wedding bouquet) Guessing correctly that they were ordered last week, Sharon nervously asks if she should read the card. Yes, she should.

Sharon reads her first Valentine’s Day card as Rey’s wife – oh, how lucky he is – please, be mine for the rest of our lives. Sharon got him a card too (which is equally as sappy) Now and forever, that’s what you said when we got married, Rey ‘wants’ to believe that’s how Sharon feels. She doesn’t want to discuss Adam – this day is about us. Rey thinks someone else should be their priority now. Sharon pouts.

Back at CL’s, Elena gives Nate a gift she got in Mexico – hoping he’ll accept it.

** Holy moly – my PVR didn’t record anything this week but based on today’s show, I’ve missed at least one episode 🙁

Lily tries to guess the answer to Billy’s riddle. What did the bee say to his sweetheart? Knock knock, Vikki arrives with cards from the kids. They wanted her to deliver them right away – how could she possibly refuse?

When Billy decides to read the card in his office, both Lily and Vikki insist he read them there and then.

Hope it fits, Elena’s given Nate a shirt which he declares his style. Arriving at CL’s, Amanda doesn’t want to interrupt the Valentine’s moment. No, she’s not taking a break from work to grab coffee – she’s meeting Devon. Elena’s smile fades.

Rey wants to set aside his issues with Adam to discuss Faith. Sharon could use his insight and strength. I’ve been a bad Mother. No, you’re a great Mother, she’s just being rebellious (Rey draws upon his experience raising Lola to offer sound advice)

Society is filled with flowers (from Nick) The place is empty (because Phyllis reserved the whole place – having called pretending to be Nick’s assistant, knowing Abby wouldn’t do it for her) Nick doesn’t drink to Phyllis’ toast. No, he’s not mad she made the reservation, it’s something much bigger.