Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Lily’s touched when the kids’ Valentine’s Day cards include one for ‘Daddy’s new best girlfriend’ from ‘your favourite kids’. Vikki gets a call from Hannah – Katie fell and hurt her arm. I’m right behind you, Billy says – and he is.

Thrown off to find Amanda chatting with Nate and Elena, Devon’s visibly relieved when she suggests they go to the patio. Elena’s left to force a smile at Nate.

Going through a photo album, Sharon talks about Faith’s horseback riding – she was so scared she’d hurt herself. Listening on the staircase, Faith cries – then leaving a card addressed to ‘Mom’, goes back up.

You were about to tell me something, Nate reminds Elena. Yeah, she ran into Devon and told him about their trip – he knows that you know about our night together and that she’s taking some time to think things over. Nate appreciates her honesty and agrees there’s no need for Amanda to know.

You could cut the tension between those two with a knife, Amanda relays her last talk with Nate – he didn’t seem himself; didn’t even mention Elena. She thinks she knows the cause – the baggage. She’s glad she and Devon haven’t got bogged down with the past. Devon changes the subject by handing Amanda a card. She has one for him too.

At the house, Vikki’s glad Katie didn’t break anything. She’s sorry she interrupted Billy’s little Valentine thing with Lily. He’s not so sure – maybe you don’t think I deserve happiness after what I put you through. Claiming to be happy for him, Vikki sends Billy back to Lily.

Nick mentions Faith being suspended from school (for having alcohol in her locker) If there’s anything I can do, Phyllis is there for him. Nick feels better just talking about it – now, time to enjoy our date. What’s on the agenda? Phyllis uses the remote to put on music to dance to. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Billy returns to ChanceCom to pick up where he and Lily left off. He’s happy with his gift – a bottle of single malt Scotch which he decides to crack open right now. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Nick opens his gift – a handheld gaming console (I’m not sure which) Something fun you can do with Faith. And here’s something just for Nick – lingerie.

Back on the patio, Devon opens his envelope – a voucher for a massage at TGP spa. Amanda opens hers – wow – a massage at RGP spa. Great minds, they decide to get a couples massage. Devon had an interesting chat with Mariah yesterday – she’s going to be a surrogate for Abby and Chance. He’s been thinking a lot about it. About what? Starting your own family? Amanda asks.

Devon’s not thinking of starting a family of his own. They’re worried about using an anonymous donor, he wishes there was something he could do to help them out himself (hint, hint)

Sharon’s brain is so scrambled. Go for a walk, Rey will heat up some cider for when she gets back. OK, after she checks on Faith. Sharon then finds the card. You’re always there for me – I love you, Mom, she reads. It’s what I needed to hear, Sharon weeps. Faith’s about to join them when she gets a text – a heart emoji.

Lily and Billy enjoy chocolate and scotch. Now, what’s the answer to the riddle? What did the bee say to his sweetheart? I love being with you, honey. Billy’s Dad told him that riddle. You’re more and more like him every day, Lily gushes – she’s now ready to tell Billy that she’s falling in love with him too.