Friday, February 19th, 2021

Excusing himself, Devon leaves Amanda on the patio to join Abby inside. She gushes about Mariah being her surrogate – though not exactly what she and Chance envisioned. He’s out there doing important work. It’s hard enough to pick an anonymous donor. I just wish …. Catching herself, Abby thanks her good friend then goes to ‘wallow’ for a bit.

Summer arrives at Sharon’s place to say that she can’t believe someone framed Faith by putting a bottle in her locker. Yeah, Sharon can’t believe it either. Faith comes downstairs to insist that she’s telling the truth and hopes Summer will be the ONE person to believe her.

When Kyle and Mariah show up at the boardroom, Sally assumes the conscientious Summer trained Mariah on her job before she took it over. Yes, she was a big help, Mariah confirms. Things are working out for all of us, Sally gathers her binders and exits. It’s obvious to Mariah that Kyle has a problem with Sally.

Sharon appreciates Faith’s V-day card – she just wants to protect her. When Summer asks to take her sister out, Rey thinks it a good idea. After the girls leave, Sharon looks nervous.

Devon’s back on the patio to tell Amanda that he relates to what Abby’s going through. She can’t carry a baby, just like Hilary – sorry, he sniffles. Don’t ever apologize for being human, Amanda says.

Chance will love this child with all his heart, Nina’s at the estate to reassure Abby – you can do this, but don’t do it for me or Chance – only proceed if it’s something YOU want. They then get back to scouring the donor database online. Chance would want her to go ahead.

Mariah may not be able to help but offers an ear anyway – because right now Kyle looks downright haunted. Swearing Mariah to secrecy, Kyle confides that he may have a son with a woman married to a powerful, ruthless man. Never mind him – how do you feel about being a Father? Mariah asks.

Kyle won’t explore his feelings unless he knows the kid’s his – he left a voicemail for Tara (who sent him a text saying ‘don’t contact me again’) They call Ashlyn the Locke Ness Monster – if he found out the kid he’s raising was fathered by some guy his wife had an affair with it’d bring chaos to my life and the kids’.

At TGP, Phyllis ignores Sally’s request to upgrade to a bigger suite. We don’t have anything – I’ll put you on the list. You don’t like me, do you? Is it because your daughter and I got off on the wrong foot? Summer and I worked things out – turns out we have a lot in common. Phyllis only pays attention to Sally when she greets Jack with a saucy ‘So, we meet again’.

At CL’s, Summer drags the story out of Faith – the popular cliche at school figured out that I was the baby Adam stole (and started bulling me) Summer admits to bullying a boy online when she was younger (who she later got to know) Faith swears she’s telling the truth – someone put that bottle in her locker. Jordan’s my only friend – I went along with the drinking. If she’s your friend she wouldn’t pressure you to drink – but yes, Summer does know what it’s like to want to hang around cool kids.

Abby and Chance will be incredible parents, Amanda knows. That’s why Devon wants it to happen for them – and also for those of us who weren’t as lucky (ie. him and Hilary)

Abby clicks on the link to select her donor. What’s wrong? Nina reads her face.