Friday, February 19th, 2021

If anyone can get Faith to open up it’s Summer, Sharon’s confident. Rey loves Faith like she’s his own – and will continue to do so no matter what happens. I chose YOU, Sharon’s exasperated. Rey’s heard that before, there’s no future for us if you don’t stay away from Adam. You’re overreacting, Sharon claims. Think about Faith, she needs you, Rey scolds.

The donor Abby chose is no longer available; he’s been used 10 times (the cutoff limit) Nina suggests a walk to regroup – then we’ll find someone even better than the last guy.

Phyllis listens intently as Sally and Jack chat animatedly – next time the drinks are on you, she elicits a laugh from an utterly charmed Jack. When Sally heads back to the job she loves, Phyllis snaps her fingers to summon him over – we need to talk. About? That.

The smartest thing to do is let it go. Kyle agrees but doesn’t hate the thought that he might be a Dad. Mariah believes he’s a good guy (despite evidence to the contrary) Here she is helping Abby have a baby and Kyle might have a son out there he wasn’t even trying for. Getting a text, Mariah leaves – but first, a warning that Summer will soon realize that Kyle’s keeping something from her.

How can Rey question Sharon’s commitment to Faith? You won’t stay away from Adam – what if Faith had been the one to find you holding hands? he asks. Sharon told Adam she can’t treat Chelsea anymore; I did exactly what you wanted. But Rey has to question what it is SHE wants. Bringing Faith home, Summer’s even more convinced that her sister was set up. How to prove it? You’re the detective, Rey’s reminded. After Faith goes upstairs, Sharon implores Rey to believe her when she says Adam won’t be an issue anymore.

Nina opens the front door to welcome Devon in. Mariah then appears (invited by Devon) Nina’s puzzled.

Phyllis can clearly see that Sally has an agenda. She’s ambitious – Jack wishes everyone would cut her some slack – give her the benefit of the doubt. Sally made mistakes and moved here for a clean slate, we all know what that’s like. Give her a chance, he leaves Phyllis to huff in frustration.

Hey you, not so fast, Phyllis summons Sally as she gets off the elevator – I know what you’re up to. I wrote the book. Good to know, I’ll be more discreet, Sally blows her off. Phyllis sends a text.

Summer enters the boardroom to ask Kyle what he’s thinking about – what to do with Sally? I thought we were going to go on with our lives – did something happen I don’t know about? We’ll talk later, Summer leaves Father and son to their meeting. In the hallway, she reads her Mom’s text – we need to talk.

Rey and Sharon loudly argue about Adam’s motive in enlisting her help in treating Chelsea. Helping them was a mistake but Sharon was acting in good faith. Wanting to believe that, Rey leaves for the station pointedly ignoring his wife’s ‘I love you’. Mom, what did you do? Faith comes down to ask.

Have you seen the way that Sally girl has been working Jack? Phyllis wants to know how long it’s been going on. A while, Summer reports that Jack’s oblivious to her. We must work together to protect him, Phyllis vows to do something about Sally.

Faith’s questions about what’s going on between her Mom and Rey are ended by a horrifying text – OMG. You kissed him!? Kissed who? That monster, Faith trembles in fury as she stuns Sharon with a photo of her kissing Adam that’s just been sent to her phone. What is wrong with you!? Faith’s furious.

Devon asks if Abby’s got room for one more in her journey – he wants to step up – by offering to be her donor. Nina’s moved to tears, Mariah looks stunned. Abby’s reaction is hard to gauge.