Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Billy’s finished his presentation. Lily will read it – if it’s as good as he claims it is, he may leave early – if it’s flawed you stay here with me. Pretty good, she admits after a brief read. Pretty good? It’s poetic genius, Billy declares.

Vikki’s surprised to find her Dad in her office. No, it’s no problem – you’re always welcome here – but you’ve been visiting a lot – why? I own the place, Victor reminds.

At CL’s, Gloria’s grateful that Lauren came to her senses and hired her. She doesn’t need to make notes of Lauren’s instructions – her mind’s a steel trap. OK – I’ll take notes, she begrudgingly agrees, and is rooting through her purse for a pen when Sally arrives to be introduced. We’ve met her before, Gloria never forgets a face.

In the boardroom, Kyle squints at a blurry photo of a boy on his tablet. Who’s the kid? Summer appears to inquire.

Kyle lies fluidly – a buddy from college sent the blurry photo of his son. Another lie; he doesn’t remember what he wanted to talk to Summer about yesterday. Summer has to make a quick trip to LA – wanna come? Kyle can’t – he has a big meeting tomorrow (he turns away to look guilty – as Summer looks hurt and confused)

Lauren leaves Gloria in Sally’s capable hands’ (to get Gloria up to speed) When Gloria mentions that she has a few scheduling conflicts, Sally advises she not book anything the first few weeks (because Lauren has a busy schedule) Thanks for the advice, Gloria doesn’t sound the least bit grateful.

Vikki grumbles; maybe her Dad’s paying frequent visits because he doesn’t trust her business skills. Reminded that she sold several divisions, Vikki defends her decisions. Maybe Victor’s real problem is Billy’s success. Yes, and that’s why Victor wants to create a new media division to beat ChanceCom.

As Lily enjoys her chocolate Billy suggests they buy the media company Ashlyn Locke’s selling. Lily wants to run the numbers first. As for the smile on Billy’s face? It’s because Lily told him she’s falling in love with him.

Gloria’s bored and annoyed by Sally’s long list of helpful tips. She’ll use her worldly experience to move up the ladder too. Maybe one-day YOU’LL be working for ME. Sally likens Gloria to her great Aunt, Sally Spectra. As Gloria ponders whether to be flattered or not, Jack arrives – what a nice surprise. Am I interrupting?

Vikki doesn’t want to go after Billy – we’re raising two kids together. Victor wants Billy-Boy to pay for publishing the expose on Adam. Vikki feels that Adam’s done WAY more damage to this family than Billy has.

Falling in love with Lily has cleared Billy’s head and inspired him. If we don’t jump on this media company, someone else will. Lily will do some research and meet Billy later for dinner.

Kyle’s sorry he can’t go to LA. As Summer relays Sally’s warning about how ruthless Billy Spencer can be, Kyle gets a call. Hearing that his finance meeting’s been postponed, Summer’s delighted – you can come to LA with me 🙂

Gloria informs Sally that she was once Jack’s executive assistant; he relied on me for everything, professional and otherwise. You were Jabot’s receptionist, Jack corrects – and it was a long time ago. Not THAT long ago, Gloria leaves Sally to wonder what she meant by ‘professional and otherwise’. It was a strange time, Jack’s been close’ with a lot of ladies in GC. When Sally mentions Phyllis, Jack looks like she just announced a cure for cancer. Nothing gets by you, does it?

At Society, Billy sends a text to Lily – he’s in love with the idea of having dinner with her. Vikki stops by his table to say that she just came from a meeting that didn’t go well. She was hurt by his comment yesterday (when visiting the kids) that she maybe doesn’t want Billy to be happy. Do you think I’d be that vindictive, after all this time?