Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Seeing how his comment may have sounded judgemental, Billy’s sorry he hurt Vikki’s feelings. She does want Billy to be happy – enjoy your dinner. The meeting that didn’t go well was with her Father, he’s coming after you because of the expose on Adam, she warns. Arriving at Society, Lily’s not happy to see them chatting.

Victor’s on his phone in Vikki’s office – tell that sob that I might want to buy his media division. Say hello to him – thank you ~click~

Kyle has other reasons why he can’t go to LA. Of course he wishes he could go with Summer. Mentioning that she’ll be staying at the same hotel as last time, Summer goes to get coffee (leaving Kyle to get back to looking at the boy in the blurry photo)

Jack was married to Phyllis – twice. You and she have something in common; when you walk into a room everyone takes notice. Mistakes were made – the breakup was painful, Jack admits. He’s been called a womanizer and a hopeless romantic. Sally loves being different things to different people; there’s so many aspects to her personality. From where Jack sits, every angle of Sally is spectacular.

Taking a seat, Lily asks Vikki how Katie’s arm is. That’s what we were just talking about, Billy explains. ‘Among other things’, Vikki quickly adds. Lily’s polite offer to join them for a drink is declined just as politely. Getting a text alert that Newman’s pursuing a media company, Billy wonders why Vikki’s making a move like this. My order’s ready, she grabs the to-go bag and hurries out. She was as surprised as we were, Billy’s sure Vikki isn’t the one making this move.

As Summer arrives at CL’s, Sally loudly tells Jack that she’d love to go to dinner with him. I’ll make a reservation at Society, Jack greets Summer on his way out. I’m going to LA tomorrow, Summer announces. Sally issued the warning about Bill Spencer because she’s genuinely trying to protect Summer – he blew up the Spectra building while I was inside it. I have a dinner to get ready for, Sally leaves.

Still in the boardroom, Kyle calls Chuck saying he’d like to take the private jet to New York first thing in the morning.

Returning to Jabot, Summer was so upset by her run-in with Sally that she forgot to get Kyle’s coffee. She was very convincing about how dangerous Bill Spencer is. Don’t throw away a great opportunity because of something Sally said, Kyle cautions. Summer decides to meet Bill in LA and form her own opinion. And now, to enjoy the 16 hours before her flight to LA departs.

Wow, you look terrific, Jack compliments Sally when she meets him at Society. Is this a date? Sally asks for clarification and is pleased when Jack confirms it is.

Vikki said that her Dad’s on the warpath – she was surprised to hear that Victor’s looking to buy a media company, Billy’s sure. Lily finds it hard to believe that NE’s CEO didn’t know about this, we have two Newmans coming after us, not just one.

I was just leaving you a note, Victor’s seated behind Vikki’s desk. Anything about buying a media company from Ashlyn Locke? Vikki grumbles. How could you do this behind my back?! My dear girl, you may be the CEO but I own the damn place, Victor sets her straight. You’re just as controlling as you ever were, Vikki huffs in frustration. You bet, Victor quips unapologetically.