Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Returning to TGP, Billy needs to clear his head – no, he’s not thinking of going to confront Victor. Didn’t Lily say Devon wanted to talk to her? On cue, Devon appears – yes, he has something to tell Lily – you better sit down.

Nick’s on the phone (presumably with an upset Faith) He gets it; knows it’s all over social media. I’m going to make this better for you, I promise – good night, Nick hangs up.

Rey comes home after taking some time to calm down – before I ask you about this. He shows Sharon the infamous photo on his cell phone.

No words are exchanged initially. Victor shows Adam the photo on his phone, Adam opens the door a few more inches so Victor can see that Chelsea’s watching them from her wheelchair. He beckons Adam into the hallway to talk.

It was a momentary lapse, Adam explains that he kissed Sharon after she told him she could no longer treat Chelsea. There’s nothing going on between us – it won’t happen again, Adam reiterates. See that it doesn’t, Victor knows it would hurt Chelsea (who can only watch on helplessly; knowing that Adam’s reverting before her very eyes – being sucked into the lure of Sharon and need for his Father’s approval.

Sharon explains to Rey that after she told Adam that she could no longer work with Chelsea, he took her hand, pulled her close and kissed her. Ignoring Sharon’s excuses, Rey barks – either he forced himself on you or you consented. Not satisfied to hear that it was just a ‘mistake’, Rey grabs his coat and slams out.

At TGP lounge, Devon updates Lily that Mariah’s going to be a surrogate for Abby and Chance (who’s off on assignment) I decided to step up and be the donor. What?! Lily’s astonished.

This is all over social media – taken at my sister’s restaurant. What is everyone showing Adam? Chelsea wonders in her head. You won’t stop until someone makes you – Rey’s come across many people like Adam who think they can get away with anything. There ARE always consequences. You’ve been warned, Rey slams out.

Care to explain? Nick shows Sharon the photo on his phone. It’s taken out of context, Sharon’s more troubled by whoever took the photo and sent it to Faith. We need to put a stop to whoever’s bullying her. Nick will get the school involved. In the meantime, Faith wants to live with me. What? Sharon doesn’t think that a good idea. Nick does – she knows the terrible things Adam’s done – that photo is a slap in the face to everyone who’s supported you – especially Rey and Faith.

Billy confronts Vikki at her place – you’re buying a media company to come after ChanceCom to get back at me??

Vikki sets Billy straight – Victor wants to buy the media company. So much for letting you run Newman, Billy’s not surprised. No, he’s not afraid of a little competition. He just thinks it’s a shame that Victor’s the one calling the shots (Vikki’s not really the CEO)

Back at TGP, Lily knows Devon’s coming from a place of love and generosity. She just worries – things can get messy. Mackenzie and Cane ended up going to court over it. Devon will follow his heart and help his friends out.

Sharon obviously regrets her one stupid moment with Adam. Nick’s hardly in a place to judge and hopes Sharon’s able to follow through on her vow to stay away from Adam. Faith will only be living with me for a little while. It’ll give you and Rey some time and space to work things out. He hopes Adam hasn’t caused irreparable damage.

The honeymoon’s over and Rey wants to blame me, Adam’s vague – drink of water? I’ll have the nurse run a bath. Chelsea just wants to know what Victor and Rey were showing Adam on their phones.