Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

At the estate, Abby pops a bottle of bubbly – time to toast to baby Chancellor (with an equally happy Mariah, Devon and Nina)

Champagne flute in hand, Abby calls to order the first executive board meeting of the baby Chancellor crew. We’ll all need our own legal contracts and lawyers. Mariah takes Nina up on her offer to pay. Baby Chancellor will be surrounded by love from the very beginning – cheers.

No, Naya doesn’t regret coming – Amanda has every reason to feel the way she does. She ignores a call she’s sure is from Imani and suddenly has to go home. Until next time, Naya wants to get to know Amanda more (then leaves her daughter to shed bittersweet tears)

Faith thinks it’ll only make things worse if she gives her parents the names of her bullies. If you really cared about me, you wouldn’t have erased Jordan, my only friend, from my life – she’s the only one who stuck up for me against those jerks. Let US fight for you – Nick will hang onto Faith’s old phone and get her a new one (and new number) After Faith sulks out, Sharon asks to be kept in the loop if Nick gets any bullying texts on Faith’s phone. Focus on fixing things with Rey, Nick advises in parting.

Nick’s brought Faith to TGP for a spa day with Phyllis. He’ll get her new phone set up while she’s getting pampered (still determined to find out who’s bullying his daughter) Phyllis reminds that Summer bullied a boy once – maybe these bullies are harmless too. She’s confident that Faith will be OK – Sharon’s a good Mother; there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for Faith.

When Mariah drops by CL’s, Sharon doesn’t want to talk about the photo of Adam kissing her – Faith’s staying with Nick now, she tears up then asks Mariah how she likes her job. Mariah loves Jabot and has other good news. Someone stepped up to help Abby and Chance – you’ll never guess who.

Devon joins Amanda at TGP to ask how things went with Naya. He’s happy to hear that things are moving in a positive direction. The relationship feels fragile to Amanda, she’ll take it one step at a time. Surprised to hear that Abby took Devon up on his offer, she tentatively asks how he sees all this working out.

Devon sees this working out well for everyone involved. Abby encouraged them to get their own attorneys. When Amanda mentions the baby’s Father being absent, Devon’s sure that’s temporary. We all want the same thing. Devon isn’t concerned with his legal rights. Things change, people change, Amanda warns – a good contract is the best way to make sure you all remain friends.

Sharon thinks it fantastic that Devon will be the donor. He and Mariah are being incredibly generous. Mariah’s happy to help her friends and has never felt more excited or grounded. Yes, she’s being realistic about what surrogacy involves, and can do without wine and sushi for nine months. Sharon’s concerns are interrupted by a text from Rey – he’s coming home after work to talk.

Next week: It’s me! Ashley appears at the estate, much to Abby’s delight…. Hell yes, I want to call these dates! Sally hopes there will be more of them, unless that’s not where Jack’s head is at … Victor approaches Phyllis at CL’s – what a surprise. Would you like to talk about something? Phyllis asks.