Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

That’s our last sleepover at your place for a while (since Faith will now be staying with her Dad) Arriving at TGP, Phyllis suggests Nick bring Faith over for a spa day. For her sake, Phyllis hopes Sharon’s able to fix things with Rey.

Sharon puts on a bright face to offer Faith breakfast. Just cereal, a glum Faith heads to the kitchen (sorry that she missed Rey before he went to work) Let me know if you need anything, Sharon chirps – her morning then made even worse by a text from Rey – he’s spending the night at the station.

At the estate, Abby tells Nina that she’s thrilled by Devon’s offer – but what do she and Chance, two privileged, white people know about raising a bi-racial child. Also, Abby couldn’t go through with this unless Devon wanted to be part of this child’s life. Ask him, is Nina’s obvious answer.

Amanda greets Naya at TGP – thanks for coming all this way to see me again. Naya’s sorry she upset Amanda (who’s hurt that Naya wants to keep their time together a secret but will try not to take it personally)

Abby ‘blows up’ Nina’s phone with links to articles on how to raise a child of another race. No, of course she wouldn’t only consider a white child if she were adopting. Abby feels lucky to have Mariah and Devon onboard. Katherine would give us her blessing, she looks up at her portrait. Yes, she’s ready to call Devon.

Sharon will miss Faith but agrees it’s for the best. Nick thinks it good that she and Rey will have time to work things out. Rey got the wrong idea, Sharon shrugs off his reaction to the kiss. It’s about more than one kiss, Nick won’t let Sharon kid herself when it comes to Adam.

Sharon doesn’t want to argue with Nick about Adam – he stopped by last night and I told him to leave. Rey should be talking to ME, not Adam, Sharon pouts. Well, Nick talked to Rey too. Are you kidding me? Sharon huffs. Nick encourages her to find a way to reach Rey and Faith. They do agree on one thing – Faith’s bullies must face consequences.

Back at TGP, an animated Naya talks to Amanda about going to college at Wheaton. She fell in love – everything happened so fast. I was young and unprepared. Amanda talks about fighting to earn her law degree at Yale. Naya knows she had nothing to do with Amanda’s success – but I’ve never been prouder of anyone in my life.

Abby thanks Devon for coming then sits him down for a chat on ‘race’. How do you feel about white parents raising a black child? Devon thinks it’s fine and cites Lily’s kids as an example. As a smiling Nina remains silent, Abby adds that she wants her child to one day know that Devon’s the donor – are you ready to be part of this family? Devon’s more than ready, he’s honored.

That’s a pretty big bag, Sharon eyes the luggage Faith’s brought down. Failing to lighten the mood with humor, Nick shows himself out with the suitcase. I’ll miss you – but Sharon ‘gets it’ and likes that Faith is mature enough to advocate for herself. She’ll use this time to work things out with Rey. When Faith wonders where her phone is, Nick pulls it out – he’ll give it to her when she names her bullies.

Counsel for Chancellor Communications? Naya’s impressed – and sorry she had no idea what Amanda was going through. She deeply regrets her decision; not getting to know Hilary, not being able to make things easier for Amanda. If you could go back and do things differently, would you have gone home with a baby in each arm? Amanda wonders – If you knew how lonely I was, what would you have done? Naya doesn’t know how to answer that question. Amanda thinks she just did.