Thursday, February 25th, 2021

At Society’s bar, Nick updates Rey that Faith will be staying with him for a while. Makes sense, Rey hopes to work things out with Sharon – both were hoping to see Lola. Rey for his sister’s advice, Nick’s trying to find out who took the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing. With no Lola in sight, Rey accepts Nick’s offer (of guidance) and asks if he thinks it possible to move on from this whole thing with Adam.

Sharon sends a text to Rey (from CL’s) She’s looking forward to seeing him later to work things out.

Sally clippity-clops into TGP to pester Phyllis about upgrading her suite. Be patient, besides – don’t you have to work extra hours to prove yourself invaluable to Lauren? Work is important to Sally but seeing Jack in her peripheral vision adds that ‘sometimes, other things take precedent’. Meeting someone? Yes. Phyllis all but rolls her eyes when learning it’s Sally.

What are you doing here? I wasn’t expecting you (Adam’s not happy when Chloe drops by) The nurse has Chelsea settled in for the night, he lies. Peering over Adam’s shoulder, Chloe sees Chelsea in her usual spot. Guess I made it just in time, she grins.

Can I get you anything? Adam asks politely. Maybe just some privacy with my best friend – is that a problem? Adam hesitates. No, just keep it brief – Chelsea tires easily and it’s been a trying day. Chloe can only imagine.

Jack’s taking Sally to the dealership to pick up her new car. It’s sweet of you to take her, Phyllis is cagey. Shrugging into her coat, Sally plans to savour every second of her first ride in her new baby. Phyllis looks nauseated.

Back at Society, Nick thinks that Rey should make Sharon realize how painful her friendship with Adam is (to Faith) She might walk away from him for good. Because he has his own history with Adam, Nick feels that Sharon discounts his advice (knowing he brings his own baggage) Believing Sharon may not have beat cancer if it weren’t for Rey, Nick fears that if he can’t get through to her, no one will.

Jack didn’t expect to find Sharon working tonight. Because of that lovely photo that’s all over the Internet? she jokes. For the record, the photo was misleading – Adam loves Chelsea. He acted (and was captured) in the moment – by someone, maybe a mean kid, looking to cause trouble. How’s Rey handling this? Jack asks. Not well, Sharon admits – then changes her tone to congratulate Sally on her new car. As they move onto the patio, Sharon watches with slight envy.

Faith may have been set up by some girls putting the bottle in her locker but that doesn’t negate the fact that she’s been hiding the drinking and bullying for months now, Nick sounds objective – until it comes to Adam (who he blames for all of this) Let it go for just one night, Phyllis knows that Faith deserves a break (if only because of that photo – a catastrophe waiting to happen – Who knows how bad the fallout of that photo will be)

Chloe’s sorry she hasn’t been by for a while – Kevin took her away for a vacation. After Adam leaves, Chloe asks Chelsea why she’s crying. I can’t stay with Adam for one more second – he broke my heart (Chelsea’s not able to give voice to her bitter words)

Chloe can tell that Chelsea’s trying to tell her something – I wish I knew what was going on in your head. OMG – when did you regain use of your hand? Should I call Adam? No. Did something happen? Chloe’s confused. Sharon happened – again, Chelsea says in her head.

At the house, Rey admits that the photo got under his skin – Adam gets under his skin. You could have him arrested for assault. Sharon quickly rejects that idea and admits that Adam came by the house again. He’s interfering in our marriage – we need to discuss how to change that, together, Rey implores.