Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Nick comes back from checking on Faith – she’s more interested in nail polish colours right now. Phyllis grumbles about Sally fawning over Jack (who’s oblivious) Uh – yeah, Nick does have a question – why do you care so much?

On the CL’s patio, Sally gushes about her new car and all it’s features. Jack thinks she got a good price. Sally’s a good negotiator. How can she thank Jack? A drive in her new car. Sally could use a lesson on driving on ice. Then, we can find a cool place to grab lunch. Jack knows a quaint bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town. Our second date (since this doesn’t count) Hell yes, Sally wants to call these ‘dates’ – unless that’s not where Jack’s head is at.

Sally babbles about who she is – listing characteristics some find unappealing. Not to Jack – he enjoys spending time with her – but… You want to keep things casual and see where things lead, Sally guesses. When she decides it time to get back to work, Jack looks forward to their next outing – even if it isn’t a date.

Someone’s got to do something about Sally – and yes, that someone is Phyllis. Not eager to get involved, Nick’s sure that Summer will ask for backup if she needs it and Jack won’t let himself get taken advantage of. We have to help him, Phyllis pouts. Stay out of it, Nick advises.

Rey loves Sharon – he won’t let Adam come between them. We’ll come out of this stronger. Relieved, Sharon will do whatever it takes (but pales when Rey suggests couples therapy – to get to the heart of the matter; why Sharon’s unable to let Adam go after all this time)

Via Chelsea’s blinking, Chloe learns that her friend isn’t in physical danger. She’s stunned to see Chelsea’s hand move again (but doesn’t tell Adam when he comes down) I’ll be here, for whatever Chelsea needs, no matter what, Chloe vows.

Chatting with Traci on the phone, Jack boasts that he’s having the best day he’s had in ages.

Hey, can I assist you? Phyllis interrupts Sally devouring Nick with her eyes. Sally will be checking out and taking her business elsewhere – the GCAC. Hold on – Phyllis definitely has something she wants to say.

Rey believes that Adam is inside Sharon’s head – you’re addicted to his dark side; drawn to him over and over again. He knows she’s a smart, caring person but that all goes out the window when Adam’s around – you’re drawn to him emotionally. It’s hard to hear (and harder for Rey to say) He examined that photo like it’s evidence of a crime scene. You gave in to that kiss. Study this photo the way I have, Rey demands. Sharon doesn’t need to study it – I was there. These accusations are painful.

Sharon concedes that they have serious issues to resolve but we’re capable of working out our problems on our own. Rey strongly believes input from an objective third party will help. He can’t force Sharon but Adam’s a real obstacle he’s searching for a way to overcome – together.

Oh, look at that – something opened up, Phyllis informs Sally. Both are ‘thrilled’. Sally’s glad this all worked out. So am I, Phyllis lies. Nick credits her for playing nice. Phyllis needs to keep Sally under her roof to see what she’s up to.

Chloe would love to spend more time with her friend. Adam shuts it down for the night – the nurse is waiting to put Chelsea to bed. I’ll be back soon, Chloe tells Chelsea – I’ll bring that book I promised to read to you. After Chloe exits, Adam’s glad Chelsea enjoyed herself. In the hallway, Chloe sends Kevin a text – Chelsea needs help. Adam will let the nurse know that Chelsea’s ready to get some sleep. Left alone, Chelsea curls her fist into a tight ball.