Friday, February 26th, 2021

Nina cringes as she sees Abby injecting herself. Abby’s just happy to be one step closer to ‘our’ baby (and the egg retrieval) She’s a bit nervous that Mariah and Devon haven’t signed their contracts yet – they might change their minds. Ashley then appears to state the obvious – it’s me!

Breakfast done, Amanda can’t stay to help clean up – she has to meet a client and he’s a stickler for punctuality. Devon’s disappointed – then happy when Amanda pulls out her notepad; let’s get started on your contract with the parents to be Abby and Chance Chancellor.

At CL’s, Victor approaches Phyllis before she can escape – what a surprise. Would you like to talk about something? Phyllis asks tentatively as she eases herself back into her chair.

Summer sashays into the boardroom – does Sally want to know about her successful business trip? Bill Spencer isn’t the monster you made him out to be. He can be quite charming, Sally knows he’s a maniac. My only offense was falling in love with his son.

Kyle’s surprised to see Tara at TGP; I was just on my way to New York. Tara was afraid of that – you’re making a huge mistake. Kyle’s blown away seeing her again – we need to talk. We have nothing to say to each other anymore, she disagrees. If that were true you wouldn’t have come all this way, Kyle can think of something very important they need to talk about.

*** Terribly sorry – this will be jam-packed with typos and mistakes. I’m in a real hurry!

Knowing Abby as well as he does, Devon doesn’t need every little detail documented in a contract – you’re overthinking it. Amanda persists – What if Abby and Chance move away? Would you want visitation? Etc.

No, Phyllis isn’t meeting Nick; he has a meeting. How’s Summer doing? Victor wasn’t convinced that she’s ‘great’.

Is that little boy mine? Harrison is NOT your son, Tara barks at Kyle. He has a striking resemblance to me (Kyle was able to determine this from the only blurry photo he could find online) He doesn’t want to cause trouble for the boy, Kyle just needs to know (so wants a DNA test)

Amanda’s reaction is always knee-jerk when it comes to parents and kids. She’s not accusing Devon of abandoning his child. She’ll put her issues aside but Devon must protect his interests and the baby’s.

Everything’s planned and scheduled, Abby blathers on about fertilizing some eggs, freezing others – implant the strongest in Mariah. We’ve been looking at nursery furniture. Chance isn’t here – Mariah and Devon could change their minds – this could all fall apart. I’m a mess, Abby whines – however did Ashley cope? Despite that not being a typical conception, Abby is Ashley’s greatest gift (just as Abby’s baby will be to her)

Back at CL’s, Victor knows his granddaughter well enough to know when something’s weighing on her. Things are going well at Fenmore’s? And with that boy, Kyle (who’s disappointed her a few times) Phyllis doesn’t think they should interfere in Summer’s life. Victor looks out for his own – that will never change.

Falling in love with Bill’s son wasn’t your only offense; Summer brings up Sally faking an illness and kidnapping someone to keep your secret. Sally thinks Summer better drop it – since she’s holding a grenade of her own; Kyle’s affair and everything that comes with it. Tired of the hints, Summer suspects there’s more to the story. Not denying it, Sally suggests she ask Kyle.

Meanwhile, back at TGP, Tara asks Kyle to let this go – she had a DNA test done; he’s your son. I’m a Father – how is Kyle expected to just move on. Is he happy? Yes, he’d suffer if the truth comes out. Tara’s asking for Harrison’s sake – let this be our last conversation. It’s the right thing to do, Tara exits.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Kyle confides in Mariah – the boy’s his son but Tara doesn’t want him involved – at all. Should I tell Summer the truth? Mariah hints ‘yes’ (since lies always come out) Mariah leaves when Sally arrives (to be immediately insulted by Kyle’s insinuation that she’s never satisfied; to hell with everyone else)

At CL’s, Victor asks Ashley’s opinion on Abby going through with her baby plans without Chance. Ashley’s terrified – so many aspects could go wrong. If Abby gets her heart broken, it would break Ashley’s too.