Friday, February 26th, 2021

In full attorney mode, Amanda doesn’t want Devon to be erased from this child’s life. Your client, me, wants the contract to be fair for all parties involved, Devon’s casual and unconcerned. Perfect timing, he gets a text – Abby’s on her way here. Are we on the same page? he asks his tenacious attorney.

Hoping she’s not interrupting, Abby’s brought over a gift; a small token of her appreciation – a framed photo of Katherine (one Devon’s never seen before) You’re giving us the greatest gift – I can never repay you, Abby gushes. Amanda and I were working on the contract, Devon adds. Abby can’t thank Devon enough. We’ve had each others backs for a long time, Devon points out. Silent, Amanda hides her concerns behind a slight smile.

Mariah and Tessa are with Britney at Society. Mariah’s not looking for profit. Britney understands – she often has her clients see a therapist. Tessa agrees – there’ll be a lot of emotions at play.

Phyllis welcomes Summer to TGP – so, you scored a big coup in LA. Why aren’t you happy? Summer let Sally get to her again. Something needs to be done about her, Phyllis ‘gets’ her – she needs to be gotten rid of. If she loses her job there’s no reason for her to stick around.

Kyle didn’t mean to insult Sally. You and Summer are so alike; you should move to LA, with all the backstabbers. Jack eavesdrops outside the boardroom as Sally sings his praises; he’s the most honest relationship she’s made in this town.

Abby’s a strong woman – but she’s lost a pregnancy before. Victor’s optimistic; yes, of course he’s already set up a trust fund for the baby who’ll represent the three most powerful families in GC – what a future.

Mariah’s thought this through – my Mother’s a therapist. She’s concerned that this will be Mariah’s first pregnancy. Tessa has a concern – how can you not bond with a baby growing inside you. Mariah will bond with the baby; her niece or nephew – this is Abby and Chance’s baby. She promises to consult with Sharon throughout the pregnancy. Britney has other issues – who will be in the delivery room? Will you breastfeed? OK – let’s get this done, Mariah says.

Summer’s perfectly capable of handling Sally. Desperate times call for desperate measures. No need to be worried about what I’m up to – you have plausible deniability (which worries Summer even more) Just go to work, Phyllis sends her off and wastes no time heading upstairs with her ‘manager’ key.

You and my Father have a relationship now? Kyle frowns. When Jack appears, Sally comments on how dapper he looks. Asking for a moment alone with Kyle, Sally purrs ‘I’ll see you later’ as she exits. Kyle gripes – even a blind man can see the sparks between you two. Summer says Phyllis is concerned – should I be too?

Mariah asks Tessa if she’s really onboard with this. Yes – Tessa likes to think of this as a test run. Are you prepared for all the changes I’m going to be going through? Bring it on, Tessa is.

Devon’s sure Amanda’s contract will protect everyone involved. She finds is compassion for others very sexy. He thinks her in lawyer mode is sexy.

Ma? Abby comes home. Ashley brought those – for later, Nina says. Abby had a good meeting with Devon. Mariah said her attorney thinks the contract looks good. Abby misses Chance but is surrounded by more love than ever before. Nina will now eat whatever’s inside this box.

Phyllis is back downstairs with what appears to be Sally’s laptop. Her internet searches are all related to the Abbott’s – Kyle and Summer’s engagement, Dina dying, Traci’s latest novel, Jabot Collective launch. She calls Lauren to ask her to have a drink – there’s also something that’s very important.

Jack tells Kyle there’s nothing to worry about – his friendship with Sally isn’t anything for him to worry about. Why did you book the private jet to go to New York then cancel it? Summer appears – you’re going to New York???