Monday, March 1st, 2021

Running into Lauren at CL’s, Sally has some ideas to streamline things and save the company money. Lauren heard a rumor that Sally traded her California car in for something more suited to Wisconsin winters. How did Lauren hear about the car? She called Jack’s office and heard he was playing hookey too.

In the boardroom, Summer and Jack both wonder why Kyle was going to New York? Is it regarding Jabot? It’s not worth getting into since he canceled the trip. Indulge us – Summer’s even more interested than Jack (since Kyle was too busy to go with her to LA)

Phyllis awkwardly hides a giant, pink laptop behind her back when Nick appears to ask what she’s doing. She’s having trouble with the laptop but doesn’t need help, thanks. She’s going to take it back. When Nick persists, Phyllis finally admits that it’s Sally’s laptop.

It’s all in your mind – Chelsea uses sheer willpower to edge herself forward in her wheelchair. She stops when Adam jogs down the stairs, completely ignoring her.

Yes, Jack was Sally’s partner in crime. It might seem odd that they’re close but he’s smart and generous with his advice. We’re hanging out, running errands together…. Lauren doesn’t see their friendship as odd – who cares what anyone else thinks?

Nick expresses his disapproval of Phyllis using her master key to get Sally’s laptop from her suite. Phyllis justifies her actions – Sally’s search history is all about Jack; she’s a stalker. Reminding Nick that Sally was all over him too, Phyllis thinks he’s lucky to have a bigger, badder bitch in her way.

Jack leaves a furious Summer to interrogate Kyle. He understands why she’d feel blindsided but it’s kinda weird to apologize for a trip he never took. OMG – Summer guesses Kyle was going to NY to see Tara Locke. Sally implied there’s something she hasn’t been told – is there more to the story???

Back at TGP, Nick finds it hard to believe that Phyllis is always on the defense – you like conflict. Phyllis will always protect Summer. So will Nick but isn’t this just about picking a fight because you’re bored? Phyllis brings on the tears – she’s too busy working to be bored. You’ll all be thanking me when I run that man-eater out of town.

Sally said ‘we’d have to deal with everything that comes with it’ (Kyle’s fling in New York) She told me to ask you. She’s just trying to mess with me? Summer’s not buying it. Gloria comes in to let Summer know that Lauren’s waiting. She suspects they’re dishing on Sally. You two are no fun at all, she whines when they don’t take the bait. Kyle’s alone for a half-second when Sally finds him staring at the boy’s photo. You just can’t bring yourself to tell her, she smirks – cause you know it’ll blow everything up.

Adam spoke with Meredith – she’s cued up some of your favourite movies upstairs. He assumes Chelsea’s upset because Nick, Rey and Victor all dropped by. I know you kissed Sharon, Chelsea snarls silently. Adam suggests they go see Connor – maybe it’s time to tell him. We can live together as a family. He’s off to see Dr Cabbot (though suspecting he’s going to see Sharon, Chelsea doesn’t care if he ever comes back)