Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Summer confides all (she knows) to her Mom. It’s not just that this woman from Kyle’s past is married – it’s who she’s married to. Sally keeps hinting that she knows things I don’t. Then Kyle booked a flight to New York. Phyllis advises Summer to go to Kyle – demand honesty.

Faith’s disgusted that someone who doesn’t even know her Mom posted that photo of her online. She’s decided to give her parents the names of the kids who’ve been bullying her and just wants it all to be over.

At Society, Victor thinks Adam needs something to occupy himself. And he needs someone to run the large media company he’s buying.

In the boardroom, Jack notices Kyle’s reaction when hearing that Summer has his phone – and what’s up with the trip you booked to New York? Don’t say ‘nothing’ – I know you better.

Why book the company jet without telling anyone? And cancel it? Jack persists. Kyle’s saved when Summer appears to return his phone. It rings! Tara warns that she and Ashlyn are coming to GC next week. Don’t bring up the past – it won’t be good for anyone, especially Harrison. After Jack steps out, Summer pleads with Kyle to be honest with her. OK, he agrees.

Back at Society, Adam assumes Victor’s buying a media company to compete with ChanceCom (and Vikki wouldn’t because of Billy) It’d be independent of Newman, Victor will give Adam free reign to run the company as he sees fit. He can even run it remotely. Adam will give it some thought.

With his list of bullies, Nick leaves to go see Walnut Grove’s dean. That leaves Sharon to praise Faith for her bravery. Can we talk about that photo of me with Adam? Faith doesn’t understand how her Mom can be around that guy. He saved your life once, Sharon tells the story. Adam’s also the one who got me help for my bipolar disorder. Things aren’t always black and white. No, Rey isn’t moving out. Things will get better, Sharon promises.

Sharon calls Rey to update that things are going well with Faith – she gave us the names of her bullies. Rey’s happy to hear it. Now, Sharon wants to make things right with Rey. I love and appreciate you. I love you too, he replies.

Faith gets a text – I hope they all pay for hurting you. Who are you? How did you get this new number? she responds.

Kyle can’t reassure Summer that this is no big deal. Nine months after he and Tara broke up, she had a child – my child.

Chelsea fantasizes about Adam coming home to find her standing. He’s elated until she aims a gun at him. Alas, she’s still in her wheelchair.