Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Kyle’s deep in thought at the Abbott mansion (having just missed his Dad) Traci can tell that he has something on his mind.

Closing the boardroom door, Summer’s unable to get into Kyle’s phone – wondering why the password’s been changed. Jack barges in looking for Kyle’s phone – you haven’t seen it, have you?

At CL’s, Faith thanks her Dad for letting her stay with him – she needed a break. They joke about Nick having confiscated her phone. There’s been no messages and the mystery of the Sharon-Adam kissing photo has been solved (it was taken by a busboy at Society and posted by his sister – who’s now suspended from Walnut Grove) Mom’s had such a bad year, Faith hopes things aren’t over with Rey.

At the house, Sharon resists Rey’s suggestion that they seek counseling. Are you saying you won’t go with me? he asks.

Through sheer determination, Chelsea manages to use both hands to wheel herself forward a few inches. Chelsea? Adam calls out.

Adam relays disappointing news – he met with Dr Cabbot (oh, did you?) It’s too soon for you to travel (you want to stay here, near Sharon) Adam’s sure Chelsea will soon have a breakthrough (sooner than you know!) He thinks they should spend some time with Victor. Your two weaknesses, Sharon and Victor, Chelsea silently fumes.

Back at CL’s, Nick assures Faith that her family will always have her best interests at heart. Will you ever trust me again? Faith pouts.

Of course, Sharon’s willing to go to therapy with Rey – as soon as things are resolved between her and Faith. Rey does NOT agree with that plan.

Kyle must have left his phone here, Summer will give it to him. Jack praises her deal with Bill Spencer and being able to set minor irritants aside. Summer makes it clear that she’s not cool with Sally (or whatever’s going on between her and Jack)

Jack politely implies that people should butt out of his affairs – he and Sally enjoy each other’s company. After Summer leaves, Jack grins at a text from Sally – she has a surprise for him.

Rey can’t live with this uncertainty. If Sharon’s not willing to take an hour each week to work on their marriage, what does that say? He doesn’t want to lose Sharon (who makes him happy except for these incidents with Adam) Rey heads for work when Nick arrives (Faith’s coming up from the stable and has something important to tell them both)

Kyle was thinking about how lucky he is to have his Dad – he didn’t know he had a son at first (he lived in Europe with his Mom for his first few years) Jack would never have rejected his little boy – he was smitten, Traci gushes. Kyle was thinking that ‘everyone should have a Dad like mine’.

At TGP, Summer tells her Mom that she thinks Kyle’s hiding something – can you help me crack the password on his phone?

Adam leaves for his meeting with Victor – I shouldn’t be gone long. I love you. ‘Finally’, Chelsea mutters in her head. She smiles faintly as she’s able to maneuver the wheelchair around.

This is a violation of Kyle’s privacy – and he’ll find out, Phyllis warns. Summer can’t stand that he’s keeping secrets. No, it’s not Lola, it’s another ex. Phyllis wants the full story. Ahh – Theo knows. Worse, Theo told Sally – and she’s been holding it over Kyle’s head, Summer informs.

Faith tells her parents that Jordan helped her with the bullies but also goaded her into bad decisions and got ‘pissy’ when she wouldn’t go along. Sharon and Nick are impressed. Faith was shaken up when hearing they wanted her to go to therapy; like they didn’t love her the way she was. I’m sorry I pushed you away, she’s in tears.