Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

You’re a Father – Summer sure wasn’t expecting that – when did Kyle find out? Not long ago. You were going to NY to ask Tara if you’re the Father? Summer’s questions are interrupted when Sally enters the boardroom with a garment bag. The room’s all yours, Summer exits; Kyle on her heels.

Abby and Nina have summoned honourary Aunt (Christine) to the estate to draw up some legal agreements. They’ll be updating Jill via videochat tonight. Abby’s delighted when her Mom arrives with a bag of take-out.

Devon squirms for a moment before joining Elena at CL’s – is everything OK? Not so much, she admits. He’s sorry that ‘what they did’ ruined things – is there a chance you and Nate can work things out?

When Amanda shows up at TGP’s bar, Nate asks her to distract him. Challenge accepted, she takes a seat.

Amanda tells Nate that she and Devon have been watching foreign films – she didn’t expect to get close to him but is glad she did. Along with reconnecting with her birth Mother, 2021 is full of pleasant surprises – she’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Back at CL’s, Devon relays that Amanda picked up on the tension between Elena and Nate and chalks it up to them jumping into a relationship too fast. No, she doesn’t know about our night together. Elena’s sure that Nate’s on the same page. He doesn’t want to cause Amanda any pain and is waiting for her (Elena) to get Devon out of her system. Problem is – she hasn’t managed to do that yet.

In the boardroom, Sally gives Jack a present; a suit jacket that isn’t his usual style. Convincing him to try it on, she tells Jack to lose the tie and declares him ‘drop-dead gorgeous’. She agrees to meet him at his place later for dinner. Lauren then arrives to praise Sally’s ideas; great job. There’s a lot more where that came from, Sally will see them both later. That leaves Lauren with something to pass along to Jack.

So, you lied about that kid on your phone!? Summer seems even more aghast that his name’s Harrison. Kyle worries about Ashlyn – who’s way worse than Summer’s grandpa. This boy might lose the only Father he’s ever known. Yes, this is Sally’s ‘bomb’. She promised to keep it quiet as long as we all play nice. Summer’s further angered to hear that Kyle confided in Mariah (instead of her) Kyle was terrified of losing her – again.

Abby’s fine with Mariah’s agreement. It’s a complicated situation, Chris warns – now’s the time to add any suggestions. OK, Abby wants Mariah and Tessa to move into the estate (so she can be involved in the pregnancy) Nina doesn’t think that’ll work.

Lauren doesn’t usually stick her nose in – but Phyllis has dragged her in. Jack’s exasperated – he doesn’t care what Phyllis thinks of Ms Spectra (or what her internet search history revealed) He and Sally aren’t serious – yet. Jack’s eyes are wide open. Sally makes you smile, Lauren thinks that a good thing – she has great taste – and not just in clothes.

Summer’s stunned to hear that Tara came to TGP. She admitted that Kyle’s the Father but ordered him to leave it at that. So, there’s really nothing he can do. There is if you want to, Summer disagrees.

Kyle’s decided not to take any action with regards to his son. When Summer suggests he talk to his Dad, Kyle appreciates her support but wonders ‘where does this leave us’? Summer needs some time to think.

Chris will show herself out (leaving Nina to share her concerns with Abby and Ashley; what if something goes wrong and Mariah loses the baby? Jill’s video chat interrupts – she wants to know all the baby news.

If Nate ever wants to talk, Amanda would love to help. You have – hearing how she’s moved on with her life, Nate’s motivated to do the same (and leaves TGP)

Being completely honest, Elena cares about Nate but tells Devon that she isn’t completely over him. She can’t help how she feels and doesn’t expect him to feel the same way. Devon has something to confess too.

Devon confesses that he hasn’t been able to get his night with Elena out of his head. It’s complicated and confusing because he’s with Amanda now. On cue, Amanda appears. After Elena leaves, Amanda talks about the contract; she’s impressed that Devon’s looking out for Abby and Chance’s best interests. You’re a good man – that’s probably why Elena still confides in you.