Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Summer returns to TGP to update her Mom – yes, she and Kyle talked. This woman’s husband is a vindictive man (she doesn’t mention the boy) Phyllis’s only concern is Summer’s happiness. Hold onto your man – don’t let Sally undermine you. Summer won’t – she wants as little to do with that woman as possible.

Well, look who’s drinking alone, Sally joins Kyle at Society. Did the truth come out about you know who? Evading Sally’s question, Kyle’s annoyed to hear that she’s going to see Jack. My Dad’s been burned by women like you before. Women like me?

At TGP, Jack scolds Phyllis for invading Sally’s privacy (yes, Lauren ratted her out) Summer and Sally have buried the hatchet – please do the same. This girl’s more problematic than you think, Phyllis warns. Jack will be just fine, thank you.

Meanwhile, at Society, Kyle asks Sally to look at the situation objectively – you’re new to town – my Father’s wealthy; a catch. Sally’s no gold digger – Jack’s a mentor. You don’t make trouble for me, I won’t make trouble for you. She enjoys Jack’s company – and the feeling’s mutual, she stomps out.

Jill’s thrilled that Devon stepped up; such a kind, decent man. But inviting Mariah and Tessa to move in is a terrible idea (based on her experience living with Ester) Abby wants to help Mariah if something goes wrong – we’re in this together.

At Society, Nate tells Elena that it’s time they put their cards on the table.

Elena begins with a list of Nate’s many good qualities – you’re an amazing person – but – the love she has for Devon never went away.

Amanda thinks it nice that Devon and Elena are still friends; she could use a kind shoulder since there’s trouble between her and Nate. Sometimes things are too complicated to be resolved easily. Focussed on putting sugar in his coffee, Devon agrees – sometimes they are.

Kyle’s surprised to find Summer in his hotel suite. This is where I belong, by your side, she’s decided. Kyle’s never loved and needed anyone as much as he does Summer. We’re in this together, no matter what, she vows.

At Jack’s, Sally’s pleased that he’s still wearing the jacket (that he received many compliments on) To my new fashion guru, he toasts.

Next week: Victor drops by Vikki’s office – seems like you came to deliver bad news. That depends on your reaction to what I have to say, he responds …. You can always talk to me, Jack assures Kyle – if there’s something you need to talk about, the floor’s yours … Chloe’s ecstatic – You spoke! You said words! Shhh – our secret, Chelsea quietly croaks.