Thursday, March 4th, 2021

In the boardroom with a very supportive and sympathetic Summer, Kyle plays the martyr – he can’t go public (or risk Sally going public) for his son’s sake. And, if he interferes in Sally’s relationship with Jack, she might retaliate.

Jack returns from praising Mrs Martinez for a wonderful dinner; which is only outshone by his dinner companion. What’s happening here? Sally asks. Mesmerized, Jack looks like he hasn’t the foggiest idea.

Wrapping up a long business day at ChanceConm, Billy looks up from his tablet to share news that Ashlyn Locke’s looking to divest himself of his media company. Lily thought he put all that behind him. Billy

Bad news? Vikki asks when Victor stops by her office. That depends on her reaction to what Victor has to say.

Adam puts his tablet down and expresses surprise; how did Chelsea get into the living room? Did you come in by yourself?

No, Chelsea hasn’t ‘regained strength in her arms’. The nurse appears to explain that she wheeled her in. In her mind, Chelsea looks forward to being able to walk away from Adam. What were you looking at on your tablet? she wonders. As if reading Chelsea’s mind, Adam announces that Victor wants him to run a media company he’s buying.

Vikki scoffs at Victor’s desire (and plan) to work with Adam again – you’ve clearly made your mind up already so why bother coming to tell me? Victor wondered how upset she’d be.

Billy still doesn’t believe that Vikki would buy a media company solely to put ChanceCom out of business – but Victor would. We need to charm Locke – convince him to sell his media company us, not Victor. Billy assures Lily that he has a plan.

Jack wants to know what makes Sally tick – what she wants out of life – what would make her truly happy. Sally would love to run her own fashion house again and have the love of a good partner. Yes, her parents abandoning her left a void she needs to fill. To hell with what other people think, Jack throws caution to the wind with a grin.

Summer encourages Kyle to seek his Dad’s advice. You’re right, as usual, Kyle will go talk to him right now.

On videochat with Jill, Billy asks her to come to GC for a quick trip – it’s a business thing. Jill wonders how much it will cost and whether Lily approves.

Sorry to disappoint you Dad (Vikki won’t be baited into buying Locke’s company because of her hatred for Adam)

Drinks in hand, Jack bonds with Sally over common traits (basically, their stubbornness) He really wants her dreams to come true – if I can help, I’m here. Sally feels ‘everything’s brought me to this moment – with you’. On cue, Kyle comes through the front door.

Kyle’s sorry to interrupt but has something important to discuss with his Dad. You don’t have to leave, Jack says repeatedly as Sally exits (next time it’s her turn to dazzle him) This better be good, Jack grumps. What exactly did I interrupt? Kyle has to ask.

Jill hopes Billy hasn’t already blown it with Lily. Admitting that putting him and Lily together was a great idea, Billy has an idea of his own to share – buying Locke’s company before Victor. What does Lily think? Jill wants to ensure the decision’s made rationally, not emotionally.