Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Adam gets a call from Victor (who needs to see him asap) I won’t be gone long, Adam will tell Chelsea all about it when he gets back. After he leaves, Chelsea obsesses over Adam and Sharon – I won’t stand by and let it happen, she silently vows.

What’s going on with Sally is none of your business, Jack asks Kyle to get to the point. Forget it, Kyle regrets coming. Jack connects the dots – is Kyle worried that what he has to say will get back to Sally?

Sally accosts Summer at TGP – if you’re looking for Kyle, he’s at Jack’s house. Yes, Summer’s aware. Sally feels she hit the jackpot – the wins keep coming (she doesn’t want Summer’s job or boyfriend – but would like a friend to confide her good fortune with) Yes, that is a crazy idea, Summer frowns.

Billy’s not trying to ‘play’ his Mother – let me pitch the idea. Without Lily? (since she’s still at work and Billy’s in his hotel suite) She’ll come around if you’re onboard, Billy insists this isn’t just about Victor. That said, he wants to destroy ChanceCom; we need to fight fire with fire. Jill wonders where Vikki fits into all this.

Dropping by ChanceCom, Vikki’s told that Billy’s not there. Is this a personal or professional visit? Lily asks. Vikki doesn’t have a professional relationship with Billy, so it must be personal. Offered a drink, Vikki requests Scotch, neat.

When Lily speaks glowingly of her relationship with Billy – personally and professionally, Vikki fakes a smile – don’t take this the wrong way but it won’t last. Billy’s restlessness is ingrained in his DNA (she takes no pleasure that Lily will get the same hard lesson she did) Lily’s blunt – maybe you’re drawn to Billy now because he’s finally become the person you wished he was when you were together. Both are glad they ‘cleared the air’ (yet neither look happy)

Meanwhile, at TGP, Summer scoffs at the idea of being friends with Sally – we’re both holding grenades and threatening to pull the pin. We’re both strong women, Sally taunts – imagine how powerful we’d be if we were friends. No, Summer doesn’t want to have a nightcap with Sally – good night.

Jack thinks it too soon to discuss whatever’s going on with Sally, but if Kyle has something to say ‘the floor’s all yours – talk to me’.

Kyle has nothing to discuss – he’s capable of handling the issue himself – sorry for interrupting your night. I’m here for you if you change your mind, Jack says as a disappointed Kyle leaves.

With great effort, Chelsea manages to get out of her wheelchair and shakily stand up.

At CL’s, Adam tells Victor that he’s intrigued by his offer – but he wants to be by Chelsea’s side as she recuperates. Does this feel a little too easy? Adam’s happy that he and his Father might really be able to bury the past and focus on the future. You and I will work together, Victor says with determination.

Billy returns to ChanceCom to update Lily that Jill likes the idea but wants her (Lily) to be onboard. She is IF Billy finds an investor. Eyeing the drink Vikki left behind, Lily’s gut tells her to fight for what’s hers.

Also returning to the workplace, Vikki calls Ashlyn Locke to discuss the media company he has for sale. She’s aware that he has several offers on the table – I’m prepared to beat them all.