Friday, March 5th, 2021

Sharon ends a call to ask Faith where her antique figurine is. No – wait – are you asking me if I stole it? Faith’s astounded.

Chloe saw the photo of Sharon kissing Adam – and now knows what her BFF was trying to tell her. She’s stunned when Chelsea speaks – ‘words’. Shhhh, it’s our secret.

Billy’s ready to work their magic. Lily wonders whether he’s more excited about acquiring Locke’s company, or beating Victor and Vikki.

In her office, Vikki reads an email to her Mother – Locke appreciates her interest but already has offers on his media company. She assumes one of those offers is from her Father.

At Society, Victor’s thrilled when Adam accepts his offer to go into business (but quickly takes the wind out of his sails – there will be no more bridges to burn)

Sharon didn’t mean to sound suspicious. It’s OK – Faith knows how much her Mom loves that figurine (so will help look for it) Sharon flashes back to when the special someone gave it to her. Faith welcomes Rey home – then asks if he’s seen the figurine. No big deal, Sharon quickly silences Faith (who hopes her Mom and Rey work things out)

Adam doesn’t have the time or inclination to screw Victor over – Chelsea and Connor are his priority (though revenge against Billy adds incentive and he’s happy his Father trusts him)

Billy can’t be expected to choose between chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream – he wants both (the media company – and stealing it from Victor) Lily has no intention of backing down from a fight – we make a great team.

Nikki’s alarmed to hear that Vikki’s working against her Father on a business deal. He underestimated me in trying to play me against Adam, Vikki huffs.

Adam has one concern – what will Locke think of his running his company. Victor will handle that. Adam looks forward to a new purpose. Victor is pleased he’s recommitted to Chelsea (instead of Sharon)

Chelsea tells Chloe that she’s the only one who knows she can talk. Last night when Adam left, she got so mad she was able to stand up. Your patience paid off, Chloe starts to babble about the kids when the nurse comes in to arrange flowers.

Rey appreciates Faith’s support – he’s never been a stepparent before. We’re a stronger family – if something’s broken, we fix it. No – you’re not broken, he and Sharon offer Faith more support. After she goes up to do homework, Rey asks Sharon if she’s found a therapist. She found three to choose from. Let’s do it now, together – he catches her off-guard.

Adam insists he’s putting Sharon behind him and looking ahead to a future with Chelsea, Connor – and this new company. Both hope Chelsea never sees the photo on social media (the kiss) Victor wants to be ruthless in going after this.

Vikki won’t take a wrecking ball to everything Billy’s accomplished – she’s buying Locke’s company to protect him. And if you don’t win against your Father? Vikki’s sure she will.

Nikki, looking lovely, as always, Adam stands to greet Vikki too. She can see that things are better between him and Victor now. Agreeing, Adam leaves her to exchange innuendos with her Father.

Lily and Billy reenter her office after workplace tryst. She’s with him because of who he is, not in spite of it – Jill’s a genius for putting us together. Arriving, Jack’s amused to hear it.

Chelsea wants Adam to continue to think she’s helpless and unaware. OK, but as her best friend, Chloe would like to know what she’s planning.

Tablet in hand, Jack likes the sales pitch he reads and hears – funding Billy and Lily’s acquisition of Locke’s media company is a sound business decision for him.

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