Monday, March 8th, 2021

‘To romance’, Lily insists her dinner with Billy at Society not include talk of business – but is immediately curious as to who, besides them and Victor is trying to buy Locke’s media company.

After several attempts at composing a text message, Devon grabs his coat and leaves the penthouse.

Everything changes tomorrow, Abby makes a list – her eggs are harvested – Devon makes his donation – then the doctor works her magic – then it’s Mariah’s turn. Ashley’s confident that Abby will know the joys of motherhood.

In the hotel suite, Kyle updates Summer with nothing new – he didn’t talk to his Dad about Locke, Tara – or the fact that Jack’s a grandfather.

On the CL’s patio, Sally laments spending more time on her butt than skating but is sure she’ll improve if Jack coaches her.

This mystery buyer has nerve and cash (to go against them and Victor) After some bickering and bantering with Lily, Billy gets a call from Locke – do we have a deal? Really? So soon?

Sally’s surprised her roller skating abilities didn’t transfer to ice. Jack’s been skating since he was a kid. Kyle was so good he went to hockey school. He seemed really upset last night, Sally hopes nothing’s wrong.

Kyle tells Summer that it seemed he interrupted his Dad and Sally on a date. Jack will want him to fight for access to his son. Kyle also worries that Summer will change her mind.

Locke’s coming to GC to give all three bidders 30 minutes to make their pitch. Lily’s determined to figure out who the mystery bidder is.

Ashley’s pep talk to Abby’s interrupted when Devon drops by in need of a friend (but feels bad because she has her procedure tomorrow) You can always talk to me, Abby insists.

Jack suspects Kyle’s planned (then unplanned) trip to New York might be the case. Sally hopes it’s not something from his past catching up to Kyle. Jack admits that co-parenting with Diane was strained (at best) especially with Phyllis involved.

Summer’s not going anywhere – how do YOU feel? Kyle’s torn – desperate to meet his son but feeling he should leave it alone; Ashlyn Locke is the only Father he’s known. Summer annoys Kyle by suggesting Tara could be lying that he’s the Father. Kyle worries Theo or Sally might spill the secret. Or should this secret come out? Kyle needs to make a decision right now. He’s leaving Harrison be. To show her support, Summer’s taking Kyle to CL’s.

Hearing about Devon’s complicated triangle with Elena and Amanda, Abby asks who he really wants to be with.