Monday, March 8th, 2021

Back at Society, Lily heaps praise upon Billy. She feels excited and challenged with him every day. Time for dessert.

Jack’s sure Phyllis’ protective instincts will fade. She helped him through a difficult time – we share a lot of history. I delivered Summer. It wasn’t meant to be. Jack’s older, wiser and has thicker skin. You’re romantic, charming and sophisticated, Sally adds. The spell’s broken when Kyle and Summer arrive at CL’s to glare.

Lily wonders if the mystery bidder is Adam.

Abby wishes she could be more helpful, but only Devon can decide who he wants to be with. He does know what he needs to do.

Having taken a seat, Summer can’t help but notice that Jack looks so happy. Never mind – forget about them; forget about Tara Locke. Focus on me. Kyle can do that.

Ashley returns for a round of ‘thank you’ with Abby and Devon.

Lily and Billy engage in more verbal foreplay and now it’s time to leave Society.

Jack’s won over by Sally – he doesn’t care what Kyle and Summer think (and leans across the table to kiss her – which does NOT go unnoticed)

Abby decides to give up alcohol, in solidarity with Mariah. Ashley thinks that sweet – good night.

Devon gets home to look at his phone – does he text Elena or Amanda – Can we get together to talk? I’d love to, Elena replies.

Lily and Billy are in his suite to use up his pent-up energy.

Take me back to the hotel, Summer demands – for sex. Is she using sex to distract from everything going wrong in Kyle’s life? Yes – let’s go.

Wow – that was everything I hoped for, and more, Jack’s utterly besotted.