Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Vikki’s texting Billy when her Mom strolls into her office. She plans on convincing Locke to sell his media company to her/NE. Nikki knows this is personal – since Vikki’s competing against her Father, brother and her ex-husband.

Blouse or blazer? in a satin robe, Lily wonders why Billy’s still in his PJ’s – go get ready. Billy is ready. Then show me what you’ve got, Lily challenges.

Coming down the stairs, Adam’s busy on his phone and seems to have no peripheral vision. He doesn’t notice that Chelsea’s standing unsteadily in the living room.

At home, Sharon notices something that annoys her. Not again – what’s going on? she mutters, then calls Adam – I need to see you – now. That gives Chelsea time to ease herself back into her wheelchair.

No problem, Adam’s heading out in a few minutes. Hanging up with Sharon, he tells Chelsea that he’s meeting Victor to strategize. Hopefully, he’ll come home with good news – wish me luck. As soon as the door’s closed, Chelsea sends a text – he’s gone, come now.

Lola comes out of Society’s kitchen to greet Faith and Nick – is everything OK? Fine, Faith lies unconvincingly. Lola announces that she fired the busboy who took ‘the’ photo and after Nick steps away to take a call joins Faith to give her a little pep talk about defeating bullies.

Billy and Lily are so confident about their upcoming pitch to Locke that they have time to hit the sheets.

Sharon’s summoned Adam to CL’s to look him in the eye when asking him if he broke into her house to steal some things.

Faith appreciates having Lola as a cool Aunt. Nick returns to order a sandwich and tell Faith that the girl who put the vodka in her locker confessed – and was on the list of bullies Faith provided. He understands that she might be nervous about going back to school – returning to boarding school is an option. No, Faith won’t let the bullies win.

Sharon explains that gifts Adam gave her have started disappearing – the figurine and a tray from Lake Tahoe. Where we got married, Adam recalls – maybe it’s Rey. No, he doesn’t even know the missing items are related to you, Sharon tells him not to read anything into her keeping the keepsakes. Forget I asked, she’s sad to hear that Chelsea hasn’t made any progress. Adam then confides that he and Victor might be working together – which will keep him in town. As Victor appears on the patio, Adam laments that his Father is his only ally these days (which leaves Sharon looking sad)

Sending the nurse out for a break, Chloe’s ecstatic when Chelsea stands to take a few steps. Directed to a bag hidden beneath the couch cushions, she’s puzzled by its’ contents. What is all this??

Of course it’s personal, but that won’t affect Vikki’s negotiation with Locke. Reminded that she sold off NE’s media division last year, Vikki claims that she’s protecting the Father of her kids (from a war for Victor) That doesn’t fly with Nikki (who believes she still loves Billy and wants him back)

After a shower together, Lily and Billy are joined by Jack (who, as their investor, wants to hear their pitch for Locke) Checking his phone, Billy informs that the stakes just went up – he now knows who the third bidder is.

On the CL’s patio, Adam downplays his conversation with Sharon to focus on their upcoming meeting with Locke; a man Victor also knows to be formidable when it comes to business negotiations.