Tuesday, March 9th, 2021

Keep the bag safe and make sure no one sees what’s in it, Chelsea can’t give her BFF/accomplice any details except that it’s payback against Adam (and assurance that he won’t be able to follow her when she leaves) No, Chloe won’t back out, but warns that revenge against Adam is playing with fire.

Nikki suspects that Vikki might buy Locke’s company and sell it to Billy. Vikki has another motive – Dad. He tried to goad her into competing with Adam. Sure, that’s what she’s doing, but for her own reasons, not Victor’s.

Billy leaves a message for Vikki; wondering why she’s bidding against him and her Father. Wow, Jack comments – while Lily thinks they have to rethink their whole strategy (since Billy was clearly wrong about Vikki going behind his back)

Having brought Faith home, Nick sends her upstairs to do homework. Sharon worries to him that she might be bipolar, ‘like me’.

Why would you think Faith might be bipolar? Nick wonders – she’s a kid who experimented with alcohol. Sharon believes Faith might be stealing (as she did) Nick thinks there might be another explanation besides their daughter lying or having a mental disorder. Faith isn’t happy to overhear that her parents still plan to send her to a therapist.

Back in the hotel suite, Billy and Lily have altered their pitch to account for Vikki being the third bidder. For this mock negotiation, Jack will play the role of Locke – ‘let ‘er rip’.

Nikki has misgivings so is in a tricky spot – but as NE’s COO and Vikki’s Mother, she’ll hear her pitch – go ahead.

Back on the CL’s patio, Victor wants to hear Adam’s pitch to Locke.

Jack reads from a folder as Lily and Billy rehearse their pitch to him.

Vikki practices her pitch to Locke.

Adam runs his pitch by Victor.

(I am tired of typing the word ‘pitch’)

Billy and Lily are ‘the little engine that could’ – while the Newmans, Victor and Vikki, will be at each other’s throats.

Nikki has to say that Lily and Billy make an impressive team. A defiant Vikki doesn’t need anyone else – sometimes her family leaves her no choice but to go it alone.

Victor warns Adam not to underestimate Lily and Billy. Adam won’t focus on them – he’ll concentrate on the man they’re working to persuade; Ashlyn Locke.

Locke is ruthless, Jack warns. Billy’s confident – Locke doesn’t stand a chance against him and Lily.

After years of practice dealing with her Father, Vikki tells her Mom that she’s sure she can handle anyone.

Locke has a giant ego, Victor advises Adam to massage his ego – that way, we’ll get what we want.

You two are lucky to have each other, Jack leaves having faith that Lily and Billy can do this, together.

Nikki’s impressed – Vikki’s as prepared and determined as ever she’s seen her.

Are you ready? Victor asks. 100%, Adam exudes confidence.

Sitting on the staircase, Faith gets a text (and wonders who thinks she’s ‘brave, like a warrior’) Learning that whoever’s texting her is male, she asks if they can meet IRL. Having no friends, she’d like to talk to this mystery person who thinks she’s brave. Her secret admirer sends her a heart emoji. Downstairs, Sharon confides to Nick that she’s apprehensive about her first session of couples counseling with Rey today. And when she can’t say why she suspects Faith of stealing the two items, Nick hopes Sharon will be more honest with the therapist than she’s being with him.

Chelsea knows she’s playing with fire – but that fire is what’s fueling her recovery. Chloe supports her BFF all the way, but are you sure this is the way you want to go about this? Yes, Chelsea must break free of Adam. Chloe’s onboard with that but hopes no one else will be affected by this plan. Chelsea doesn’t know how much longer she can sit by and watch Sharon and Victor suck Adam back in – this has to stop.

In quick succession, Lily/Billy, Vikki and Adam/Victor all get a call – Locke is ready to meet with them. Each of the three parties appears confident and excited about the negotiations.