Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Sally didn’t expect Jack to be home – she just dropped by with a gift for Mrs Martinez; a thank you for dinner the other night. Glad he’s working from home today, Jack reports no fallout from Kyle seeing their kiss. He seems distracted and is holding something back.

Checking to see if the Locke’s have checked in yet, Kyle runs into Summer in TGP lobby. On cue, Locke marches in to assume that Kyle’s an employee who can perhaps get his bags from the car. Trailing behind, Tara looks nervous. Summer doesn’t quite know what to think as Locke crinkles a bill he intends to tip Kyle with.

Billy’s at ChanceCom talking to his Mom on the phone. He’s glad Jill liked his pitch. Jack’s onboard with financing – call you when we’re done ~click~ He’s yet again practicing his cheesy spiel when Lily walks in to declare him ‘captivating’.

Working lunch? Vikki accosts Victor and Adam at Society. What time are you making your pitch to Locke? she asks, then relishes informing Adam that he was Dad’s second choice. Our Father brought the deal to me first. Victor wonders why Vikki’s there.

Approving of Billy’s practiced speech, Lily likes being the underdog in this fight. If Locke sells to us, we’ll be known as a force to be reckoned with – no one can doubt us as a team, no one.

Back at Society, Vikki continues to discuss Adam and Victor’s upcoming pitch to Locke. You two seem very confident. Adam doubts Locke will turn down an offer from Newman. Smiling smugly, Vikki has to agree.

Sure he’s standing in front of a brass mobile luggage rack but Kyle doesn’t work at the hotel. Can someone help us with our luggage? Locke looks around the lobby, then recognizes Kyle, but only as John Abbott’s grandson. He was a good, decent man. Agreeing, Kyle introduces Summer, who, in turn, introduces Tara. We hate being away from our three-year-old son, she quickly interjects. The joys of parenting, Locke smiles at Kyle – you have so much to look forward to.

Mrs Martinez is so sweet – Sally brought her some scorpion peppers. She gave me a couple of aspirin (poor Sally is still sore from her skating falls) Needing to get to a meeting, Sally has no time for a snowball fight, but has time to throw one at Jack as he hangs out the front door.

Having done a deal with Kyle’s grandfather about 30 years ago, Locke recalls him as a stubborn man with integrity. He’s scheduled to meet with Billy Abbott. My Uncle, Kyle informs. After she and Tara effectively conclude the exchange, Summer proclaims Locke a ‘charmer’. A killer with a smile, Kyle grimaces.

Pointing out that Victor/Adam’s offer won’t come from Newman Enterprises, Vikki thinks Locke might wonder why. I founded the company, Victor reminds. Adam will let Vikki know when they succeed. She’s sure she’ll hear all about it.

At Jabot, Kyle hopes Locke didn’t see right through him. Summer was more focussed on Tara. I love you and only you, Kyle reassures her. Jack enters the boardroom – am I interrupting?

In TGP lobby, Sally overhears Tara booking a massage and gushes about her shoe line – you are so talented, she introduces herself. We have a mutual friend, she mentions Kyle. He must have been talking about another Tara – she just met him today. Sorry for the misunderstanding, Sally invites her for a latte.

In his suite upstairs, Locke tells Billy that he met his nephew in the lobby. Now, convince me to sell my media company to you. He scans the provided paperwork and listens to Billy and Lily’s well-rehearsed pitch. Nice, Locke appreciates the work they put into it – then mentions Billy’s weakness for gambling. Billy offers something Locke’s research likely didn’t uncover – the Newman’s don’t care about your company. Our pitch is the only one worthy of your consideration.