Friday, March 12th, 2021

When Billy returns to the office, Traci wraps up her business and leaves him to admit that he went to see Vikki. He agrees with Lily that they need to talk – the situation with Vikki is more complicated than he thought.

Sharon’s about to leave Society with her take out when Adam arrives – he didn’t steal things he gave her from the house; ask Rey. How’s Faith? You mess up my life, Sharon hurries out.

Nikki returns to NE to ask about real estate contracts for a deal they’re closing – why is Vikki so distracted? No word from Locke yet? Billy stopped by. What happened? Nikki asks.

Billy informs Lily that Vikki’s going after Locke’s company to protect him from war with Victor and Adam. He was insulted, and it’s more than her wanting to protect the Father of her kids.

Dr Cabbott’s sorry things aren’t going as well as Chelsea’s presumably hoping for, and that she can’t stay until Adam returns. Now alone, Chelsea goes on Adam’s tablet to text Sharon. ‘I can’t stop thinking about you – wish we were both free’. Sharon goes to heat up some soup for Rey (who still doesn’t look well)

Vikki said more to Billy than she meant to – sometimes feelings bubble up. She doesn’t need her Mother’s sympathy though.

Billy confirms that Lily’s instincts were right – Vikki claims she’s still in love with me (but doesn’t want that to change anything) And you believed her? Lily clearly doesn’t.

Nikki doesn’t see the harm in her strong, independent daughter looking back over her shoulder. Vikki’s left to sigh in frustration.

Vikki’s in the past, Billy insists that he loves Lily. My heart belongs to you. Lily’s been here before – she gave Cane a million chances; love never dies – take some time to figure out how you feel before we get in any deeper.

Sharon worries that something is seriously wrong with Rey (shivering and sweating under a blanket on the couch)

Chelsea’s surprised that Sharon didn’t reply to the ‘love of her life’ immediately. Adam comes home to ask how she’s feeling. He spoke to Dr Cabbott – don’t give up – we’ll beat this thing. Chelsea already has – and next she’ll beat Adam.