Monday, March 15th, 2021

Amanda drops by Devon’s to discuss his donor contract. But, it looks like what you really need is a housekeeper. Both look at the disheveled sofa cushions/blankets; Amanda curious, Devon guilty.

Hobbling over to a chair, Rey’s feet and legs feel like they’re on fire – no, don’t touch them! We have to get you help before it gets worse, Sharon fears ‘something’s very wrong’.

At Society, Jack’s happy to hear that the doctors harvested almost a dozen eggs from Abby; some of which are in the process of being fertilized. This day keeps getting better, the ‘man of industry’ welcomes Locke (‘the man, the myth, the legend’) He reminds Tara that they met Jack’s son, Kyle, today.

In the suite, Kyle’s sure he’s making the right decision in leaving Harrison to be raised by the two parents who love him. Glad he confided in Summer, he’s never felt closer to her. They exchange I love yous and now it’s off to Society to celebrate making it through this.

You discovered my secret – I’m a slob sometimes when I come home exhausted from the studio, Devon lies. Tidying up while he’s in the kitchen, Amanda finds a delicate silver bracelet.

Arriving at CL’s, Elena absent-mindedly rubs her bare wrist and flashes back to her tryst with Devon. Looks like you have a lot on your mind, Nate appears to comment. A patient, Elena lies.

Recommending tonight’s special, Abby asks how Locke knows Jack. Hearing that he did business with John, she goes to tell the chef that they have special guests. Locke speaks highly of John, not a ruthless bone in his body (unlike me) They then discuss Billy, who Jack claims is fearless and has great vision. Locke won’t show his hand but appreciates Jack advocating for his brother. He hopes his son will one day join him in the business. Insisting that Jack join them for a drink, Locke asks about Kyle. Politely gushing about Jabot’s products reminds Tara that it’s time to go freshen up. On her way, she spots Kyle and Summer arriving.

Sharon grabs her cell phone – she’s not overreacting and refuses to wait any longer (in getting Rey help)

Elena was here? Does she just ‘drop by’ a lot? Amanda thought it was nice that she and Devon remained friends. Aware that Elena and Nate have hit a rough patch, she now thinks it time someone told her what’s going on.

Despite things being ‘strained’, Nate wants to know what’s going on with Elena (who’s saved from answering when Sharon calls Nate to summon him over) He hopes to continue their discussion later. Lola strolls over to ask her roommate what’s going on. Devon, is Elena’s simple answer.

On the CL’s patio, Lola’s sorry to sound ‘judgy’ but thinks Elena too smart to accidentally sleep with her ex twice. You need to figure out what you want, she leaves her to think and daydream.

Now that he’s had some time to reflect, Devon’s realized the role he played in pushing Elena away – we’re working through it to avoid bringing baggage into our next relationships. Amanda wonders how worried she should be.

Before they can escape, Kyle and Summer are spotted and invited over for a few words with Locke and Jack. At Society’s bar, Kyle’s left to chat with Abby while Summer accosts Tara outside the ladies’ room – what is it you want?