Friday, March 12th, 2021

At NE, a stunned Billy asks Vikki if what she said is true (that she still loves him)

Lily puts down her phone when Traci drops by ChanceCom to update on her trip to NY, with regards to the short-fiction platform. Where’s Billy? Lily has a pretty good idea. Uh oh, Traci would like to hear it.

Things are starting to turn around for us both, Adam’s home to tell Chelsea that Dr Cabbott’s on her way. The meeting with Locke went well. Chelsea grumbles in her mind about Adam caring more about what Victor and Sharon think. You should have appreciated me while you had the chance.

Rey? Can you hear me? Sharon’s calling 911. Please don’t, Rey awakens to ask how long he was ‘out’. A few seconds is hardly an emergency; it’s just a bug. Sharon worries – it came on so fast. Probably leftovers I ate, Rey seems surprised by Sharon’s concern. She’s sorry – about everything.

Appreciating Sharon’s concern, a sweaty Rey decides they should take therapy one day at a time and will call the station to say he won’t be in. Sharon reluctantly agrees to go meet her coffee bean distributor and pick up some soup from Lola.

Has there been any progress? Dr Cabbott arrives to ask. Adam hasn’t noticed any. Work hard today, he tells Chelsea (who’s sure he’s going to see Sharon and must now convince the doctor that she’s still immobile)

Lily confides to Traci that Vikki’s trying to worm her way back into Billy’s life. She’s around all the time and has bid on a company we want to buy. It’s more than co-parenting, Vikki wants to let Billy go, Lily fears.

Back at NE, Vikki shrugs off her feelings and wants to forget what she just blurted out – she really just wants the best for Billy.

Despite Vikki’s pleading, Billy can’t pretend she didn’t just say what she did. Please, go, Vikki’s tearful request is obeyed without further word.

Traci thinks Lily’s feelings are natural – you’re human. Forget Vikki’s feelings – focus on your feelings, and Billy’s. Talk to him; hold nothing back.

Sharon drops by Society’s kitchen to ask Lola for soup and to thank her for supporting Faith. We’re family, Lola does have to wonder what’s going on between Sharon and Adam.

Nikki’s summoned Adam to TGP – it’s time for a little chat, one on one.

If Nikki’s concerned about his ‘cozy’ relationship with Victor, Adam suggests she take it up with him. He DOES matter to me. HE came to ME with this business deal (which will make Adam a better husband and Father) Nikki’s money’s on Vikki – and she will never trust or forgive Adam (who should stick with his plan to leave town. Chelsea would agree, she’s sure)

Lola hates to see her brother hurt but believes Sharon loves Rey. The situation with Adam’s complicated, but Sharon’s committed to Rey. Thanks for being so understanding, she leaves Lola to huff.