Thursday, March 11th, 2021

At CL’s, Victor’s surprised to learn that Nikki was aware that Vikki pitching to Locke. You should listen to me and not to challenge our daughter, she gently scolds.

Vikki knows Adam’s a fierce competitor and speaks highly of Billy – he ran Restless Style, perhaps Locke has heard of it. Your generosity wasn’t reciprocated; your competitors weren’t brimming with compliments about you. Vikki doesn’t mind being underestimated. Having done his research, Locke certainly won’t.

Hey. Hey. Elena was just passing by and thought she’d see if Devon wanted to have that talk. Devon has a conference call. Wait – no, I don’t. He’s lying. Elena’s lying too – she wasn’t in the neighborhood.

At the estate, Abby tells Mariah that she’s fine, just a bit sore after having ten eggs harvested. She was very brave, Ashley proudly adds. Now it’s up to the doctor – and you (Mariah)

Sharon dusts while waiting for the therapist to arrive. You didn’t find that knickknack? Rey suggests they check Faith’s room while she’s at Nick’s. Sharon doesn’t want to invade Faith’s privacy. Point taken, Rey agrees. As he welcomes the therapist in, Sharon looks like she’d rather be anywhere else.

Billy paces, wishing he didn’t make that last negative comment about the Newmans to Locke. Lily assures him it’s fine.

Nikki wasn’t able to talk Vikki out of bidding for Locke’s company. Her presentation speech is good, she warns Victor. We’ll just have to wait and see – Victor still has confidence in Adam.

Locke wonders why Vikki’s adding a media company so soon after selling one. This one can drive Newman’s growth, its scope and purpose are different – your demographic is highly intelligent leaders and policymakers. You wouldn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. Like Adam’s? Locke knows the type – cutthroat. Billy, on the other hand, has redeemed himself. Vikki respects him and Lily – they’d do a fine job with the company. But, Vikki sees the potential for it in a business-to-business sense. Wanting to hear more, Locke invites her to dinner.

The therapist invites Rey to begin. He and Sharon have been happy, except for her ex, Adam. Sharon remaining in contact with him is a problem – perhaps therapy will help her understand why she can’t let go of someone so bad for her. Sharon has a different definition of ‘letting go’. She counseled Adam, his son and his fiance – but now maintains a healthy emotional distance. Rey sputters that she’s in denial. Sharon snaps that she doesn’t need him defining how she feels.

Elena hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her night with Devon. He didn’t text back because he didn’t know what to say. Elena realizes it’s probably ‘too late for us’ – you don’t feel the way I do. No, we DO share the same feelings, Devon corrects.

What’s done is done, we did a great job, Lily tries to calm Billy down. He can’t relax until he knows Locke’s decision (so jumps up and marches out)