Monday, March 15th, 2021

Asked for an update, Kyle tells Abby that he and Summer are in love. Abby tells him to enjoy the uncomplicated days – and suggests it’s time to ‘put a ring on it’. Kyle vows not to let Summer go again.

Tara has no ulterior motive – she’s traveling with her husband. The one Summer should worry about is Sally. I’ll manage my own affairs as I see fit and suggest you do the same. Rejoining Ashland and Jack, Tara locks eyes with Kyle (still at the bar)

Hearing about Rey’s symptoms, Nate asks Sharon to make a list of what he’s had to eat. It could be food poisoning. Having done some research online, Sharon worries it could be neurological. Not wanting to get ahead of themselves, Nate will draw blood to run some tests.

Devon’s not seeing things differently – he and Elena weren’t meant to be. He wants closure and to move on with Amanda. Yet, you still have things to work out? Amanda’s never considered herself the jealous type… Finding no reassurance in Devon’s vague stammering, she grabs her stuff and slams out.

Elena smiles as she fantasizes that she and Devon are back together. But then, Amanda barges in to confront her – you didn’t want him until he was with ME! Nate enters the daydream to list why he and Elena are a better fit – put Devon in the past and be with me. She’s then surprised when Nate appears on the patio in the flesh.

Bidding Jack and the Locke’s good night, Summer exits Society. Adding a few words, Kyle follows (Locke watching him and Tara) Putting their coats on, Summer’s sure he didn’t suspect anything; now we can move on with our lives. Also leaving, Jack wishes Locke had more time to get to know his son. Ashland needs to get back to his son – isn’t that right, Tara? (she’s busy watching Kyle through the window)

Sharon declares her love for Rey and vows to be there when he wakes up.

Nate will know more about his patient when the lab calls with test results. As for Elena, he’s going to make things easier for her. It’s over – he’s moving on. She’s left to look slightly bewildered.