Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Vikki marches back into her office. Oh dear, you look even more miserable than when you left, Nikki sighs. She knows, Vikki’s sure (though she didn’t say anything) What will you do? Nikki wonders. Vikki will decide after Locke accepts her offer.

Amanda wants honest answers – don’t I deserve that much? There’s something going on with Elena, right? Yeah, Devon admits. Amanda could feel it – you slept with her didn’t you? Uh-huh. No, it wasn’t just once since we’ve been seeing each other. Thanking Devon for the truth, Amanda’s ready to storm out when Devon insists he’s not going back to Elena and wants a future with Elena. Are you going to end up on that sofa with her again? Amanda now knows who Devon is – it’ll be so much easier to get over him (and out she slams)

At Society, Elena whines to Lola that she lost two good men (and has only herself to blame) You’re a kind and loving person – who makes mistakes, Lola defends her glum chum. It’s not all your fault. Maybe these men aren’t what’s best for you – things happen for a reason. You always know what to say to make me feel better, Elena’s left to twiddle with her bracelet.

Hey girl, Phyllis greets Amanda – who’s near tears and blathering on about making terrible decisions when it comes to men. She calculates every decision she makes. Ripley ripped my life apart. Then, I go for the handsome doctor – he sleeps with his cousin’s girlfriend. Then Devon – he…. never mind. I’m hopeless at this. Phyllis was cautious with Nick but now hopelessly in love with him. Amanda wasn’t hopelessly in love but was getting there. She held back for fear of rejection. Now I look like a damn fool. No, Devon’s the fool, Phyllis corrects.

Your fever’s still way too high – you couldn’t even swallow your soup, Sharon frets (but won’t hear any apologies about having to take care of Rey) He then starts babbling about needing backup. Stop, stop, he tries to sit up as Sharon’s about to call for help.

You’re gorgeous, intelligent, strong – look at all you’ve accomplished on sheer determination. Amanda won’t want someone who doesn’t want her. Phyllis wouldn’t be so sure about that. Devon appears to ask Amanda to please hear him out.

Locke’s on the phone – he’ll be leaving soon. He’s made his decision.

Did your chat with Lily change your strategy? Will you still use the company to protect Billy if you win the bid? Nikki asks Vikki.

Lily can’t ignore what’s going on between Billy and Vikki. You’re in denial. She tells you she’s in love with you and then tells me she’s coming after you.

At the penthouse, Adam’s confident as she plans the announcement. I believe in you, Victor says. Adam gets a text – it’s Ashland – he’s made a decision.

Billy doesn’t care what Vikki does or says – she can’t come between us. He then gets a text – Ashland’s made his decision.

Vikki tells her Mom that Locke’s made up his mind – we’ll soon know who the winner is.

Sharon hangs up – we’ll meet you at the hospital, she tells Nate. But when Rey collapses on the floor, she calls 911 – I need an ambulance right away!!