Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Nate reassures Sharon that bringing Rey to the hospital was the right thing to do. Now, when was the last time you ate? Let’s go for coffee.

Chloe returns to the penthouse after running an errand for Chelsea. No, she’s not asking too much – getting you away from Adam is my dream come true.

On the CL’s patio, Adam reads the puzzling texts. They weren’t from me, he types – then deletes. He then goes inside to find himself face to face with Sharon.

In the boardroom, Jack reads a text from Phyllis – we need to talk. Sally arrives to deliver coffee. I told you I’m the best, she leaves Jack beaming.

Pick up, Phyllis mutters (as she calls Jack) When Summer appears in the hotel lobby, Phyllis asks her to dig up dirt on Sally. You’re holding something back – spill it.

Leaning over Rey’s hospital bed, Lola babbles – you’ve gotta beat this. Come on bro. Please. Elena comes in to reassure that Nate will find out what’s wrong with Rey.

At CL’s with Nate, Sharon gets a text from Faith – she wants to know what’s wrong with Rey.

Lola doesn’t believe Rey has food poisoning – he has a cast-iron stomach.

Nate seems to have an idea as he talks about Rey having pain in his legs and feet. Give me a minute, he asks Sharon as he goes on his phone.

Summer tells Phyllis that the woman Kyle had a fling with is Tara Locke. Ashland’s dangerous, Phyllis believes. Yes, Summer agrees – that’s why we have to keep everything under wraps and not antagonize Sally.

Tara calls Kyle – we might have a problem. Ashland was too quiet on the way home. Kyle shrugs it off – everything’s fine – our secret’s safe – we don’t have anything to worry about.

Looking troubled, Kyle flashes back to Tara’s warning that Ashland will crush them if he finds out. Stay away. Jack joins him in the boardroom to press on what’s going on. I’m handling it, Kyle snaps. Sally interrupts – Lauren needs to see you – now. After Jack leaves, Sally lingers to ask what just went down – was it about me? I like your Dad and I’m not going anywhere.

Sharon’s on the phone, reassuring Faith that Rey will be OK. Can we talk? Elena accosts Nate at CL’s. He’s been poisoned, they’ve both concluded.

Chelsea thanks Chloe for having her back. Your kids won’t lose their Mother – I’ve planned this all out – the only one who’ll suffer the consequences is Adam. Soon, she’ll be free of him and will let everyone know she’s recovered – then go get Connor. When Adam comes home in a sulky mood, Chloe leaves him to tell Chelsea that someone’s sending Sharon texts from his phone – you believe me, right? I don’t want her back. Someone’s messing with me. But, who?